Friday, August 19, 2011


Even though born a "Kannadiga"(this is the term used for an Indian born in the state of Karnataka and speak Kannada as his native language),I was unaware of Mr .T.P Kailasam and his contributions to the Kannada language and theater world.People say "There is no meaning to your life if you have not read or seen Mr kailasam's novels after being a kannadiga".So it seemed like my life was lifeless until recently when watched this awesome Platinum Remi award winner kannada movie named "Kailowesome"in a movie site.
     We would  have often heard about a few people in the past ,but hardly found the time to go over their biography and research about them.This particular movie was so impressive that it captivated me from the beginning to the end.Even though lasting for a short duration,this "typical art type movie"had something different in it.It literally swept us through the mind of Kailasam himself and had him speak to us "alive".Yes ,imagine the characters of his novel and plays coming to life and criticising him and analysing the modifications he should have made in the story or the nature of their personality !That's how the director had stitched the sequence of the movie.His plays which were usually based on female characters had all the different aspects of their personalities.There was a widower to a traditional village lady to a prostitute.The important aspect is he had a outstanding  element of humor in all his plays .Though born in a Tamil family in Karnataka ,he had immense love towards Kannada language literature.He graduated from London as a Geologist and later came down to his home country to serve for his own language.
      Kailasam was the only person who had dared to introduce modern,slang English mixed  words into the Kannada language plays.Though these words were often used in the spoken language ,nobody dared to use it in the written literature .Though initially criticised for his play with the language ,he was later prominently admired by most of the literary personalities and common public.He had this peculiar fascinating element of creating hymns like that in Sanskrit in Kannada language which seemed like a traditional prose ,but factually was a rib tickling prose .Also he created his own Kannada versions of the famous English songs which he heard throughout his stay in London  and "Indianised it ".For ex:The famous song "It's a long long way to Tipperary,long way to go .To the sweetest girl I know,but my heart's right there"was modified and humorously crafted as "Namma Tipparalli balu dura,nadeyak balu dura...adare alli avale namma basavi".Tipparalli is a village in karnataka and "basavi "is a character created by him.It sounds very hilarious in the kannada language.Song link .His another famous song "Kolike ranga .."is also based on the eternal English song"Constantinople,C,O ,N S ...It's as easy to sing as you sing your A B C ".The Kannada version is really really hilarious.Here is the link to that .Even for those who cannot follow the language ,it can be funny.Kolike song .These famous songs were penned mainly for the plays which he created.He wrote only 17 plays in Kannada language but those plays left an everlasting impression on the Kannada literature and the society.The famous ones were "Tollu Ghatti","Gandasgatti" "sule"etc .Kailasam being a smoker and an addict to liquor , created a prose in Kannda which reflected his personality .The saying "There is only one Kilasam in Kannada and One Beechi for humor"is justified.(beechi is another famous humorist in kannada literature).

Ps: If you find time ,my fellow bloggers ,do not forget to watch this short movie which is  a reflection of his personality and also an justification of a crafted master piece.There are English subtitles ,so it's easy to follow.

Link to this movie"SIMPLY KAILOWESOME"

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Anna's "ANNA SAN"

This is not new to all Indians that Aug 16th onwards our dear Anna Hazare is going on a indefinite hunger strike /"anna san"again in an attempt to shake the government and get the approval for the "real lokpal bill".As I was watching the reality singing show Saregama Pa Little champs ,I got an opportunity to see and hear the sharp pounding words of Mr Anna Hazare .Usually it was the film stars and singers appearing as the VIP guests in the show ,but as a special case ,on the occasion of Independence day they had Mr Anna Hazare in the show.
        Anna Hazare has just one request to all Indians "Just step out of your houses or stand by  the balcony or parks near your houses in support of lokpal bill against corruption.We do not ask you all to flock at  Jantar Mantar or go on hunger strike ,but just stepping out and protesting or uttering the slogan "Inquilab Jindabad "/"Bharat mata ki jai" would be sufficient and that would target my  desired intent ".He said that the  governement can stop one Anna Hazaare, but it cannot decline the demands of the people power of the nation.We all know the overall biography of Mr Anna Hazare that hailing form a lower income group from a small village of maharstra Ralegaon Siddhi ,Anna has  come a long way and has achieved a lot in terms of social service and  service to the nation by his credible achievements in the Indian military and also freedom struggle and many other know causes for the country.It was a pleasureful experience as the undiscovered side of Anna was unveiled  in the show ,his innocent child like side which also had an element of perseverance and undeterred motivation to achieve the goals ;his profound patriotism which reflected in the tears he shed as the little children sang the patriotic songs ;his love for agriculture and so on.He grooved to the songs of the little children and swayed in the emotions of the songs and revived every word of the lyrics and the emotions of the song and had it flowing in his nerves.His melodious side was also discovered when he sang the famous patriotic song in his voice. He reminded the politicians and the corrupt employees the meaning of the song which had the lines"kar chale hum fida jano tan saatiyo.ab tumahare havale vatan saatiyo"meaning "we shed our lives and soul for the country and now we leave the country in your hands"and their responsibility to rule the country in an effcient way.He mocked the government and said that the song"ae mere vatan ke aankh mein bharlo paani ,jo shahid huve hai unki zara yaad karo kurbaani.."should be played twice  a day in the government office as a bhajan or reminder for them to stop mocking  the sacrifices of the freedom fighters and ruin the country.Overall we can see a reflection of Mahatma Gaandhi in Anna Hazaare and there is no doubt that the goals he has for the nation will be achieved by this revolutionist in spite of the obstacles from the congress and the government .

Ps:These are  the photos from the show saregama pa little champs.

PPS:Now the latest update at this hour is that Anna has been denied the permission for the fast and thus the government has proved that people power and democracy are just words to be used and does not have a true sense! Here is the LinkLet's wait and see for the rest .I am sure the heat is on and people are all out on streets.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No creativity:))

Started with a new job and so really really preoccupied with things.It's so hard to catch up with the pace and maintain home and work life ,atleast till we get adjusted to the routine.So friends please bear with me and sorry for not checking so many of my dear blogger's updates .I will be posting for sure even though with a lesser frequency.:))take care

Friday, July 8, 2011

Elegance personified

Las Vegas known as the "sin city"with the exuberant number of sinful activities for the adults which includes gambling at the casinos,clubs ,gratifying indulgence in drinks ,sex and partying is not just limited to that and has a different perspective too.Vegas which was once an isolated desert with nothing around ,was coined a "city"only in 1911.The city was horded with a lot of tourists oriented towards the casinos and night life with the emergence of many resorts .The mega resort era started around 1989 with the first large resort "Mirage"and consequently many other like the Excalibur,MGM grand,Venetian ,Wynn,Bellagio ,encore and recently the cosmopolitan.There is no shortage for jobs  in Las Vegas with a lot of entertainment shows being held in each of the resorts and a lot of opportunities for the performers and talents which includes the gymnastics,acrobats and dancers.The casinos are always crowded with the waitress and the bargirls and club dancers.The streets are predominantly occupied with the"escorts "distributing the pamphlets and small ads for the porn girls and the sex workers.This city was the only city which was not impacted by the recession in the late 2000!
         Vegas is famous for it's night life and people say that"what you do in Lasvegas remains in Las Vegas";the meaning you can imply it whichever way:))There is a misconception associated with the vegas city that it is not meant for the kids or the family people .The sights during the night apart from the bikini girls and the sensuous waitresses, dancers and naked picture  hoardings ,includes the  extravagant decors and interiors in the resorts lit up with the sparkling lights.There are a lot of activities for the kids and family which includes the amusement parks inside the hotels,entertainment shows for age groups 6 to 60 (magic shows ,acrobatics,musical shows,fountain show at Bellagio,etc).Each hotel here has been planned and constructed with a specific theme and follows a pattern usually ,which suits the names of the hotel.For ex:The Venetian has exteriors and interiors based on Italy,The Excalibur based on Disney castle theme ,New york newyork based on the city of New york with the statue of Liberty and Brooklyn bridge,The Paris Paris based on Eiffel Tower,The Luxor based on Egyptian theme and Mgm Grand based on the tropical rain forest and the lion ,so on...The interiors in each of the hotel is stupendous with one surpassing the other.The casinos ,the lighting ,chandeliers ,the sculptures , paintings ,interior decor and every nuke and corner is emphasised for perfection with a astonishing element added to it.The main city just extends into 4 and half miles through the street called"strip" and that small portion with all the hotels and resorts  steals the show which no other city can offer you in it's elegance and luxury!It's amazing that once a desert and isolated small town has now turned into a hot tourist attraction.

I have some of the pictures here:

a crystal chanedelier 45 foot extending 3 floors

caeser's palace ceiling

(Venice theme)

Venetian(italian style painting)

Umbrella flower shaped lamps

Flower themed lamps hanging form the ceiling at Bellagio

Wynn hotel

Fremont street las vegas

Elegant sculptures in a hotel

Paris Paris

Excalibur (disney theme)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Bitter sweet exprience.

I know it's too early for another post ,coz I update usually not less than a week .But I had to share this experience with all of you.It was  just another day and I had 2 preoccupied appointments for the day,1st one being my son's July 4th USA independence day parade at the school at and the other was my interview at 10 .am .So since the parade was just for half an hour ,I and my husband had been there  and it was lovely with all the kids marching with colorful hats and flags all around the ground.After the parade,we were driving back towards my husband's office   and as we were engrossed in an active conversation as usual we simultaneously heard a loud beep from somewhere .We both looked into each other and suddenly in a speck of time ,I just realised what had happened and looked into my rear mirror to see the cop on the bike flashing lights on me with a speed tracker device on his hand.That was a terrible shock for me and it was the first time!I had to pull over and stop by and as I waited nervously for the cop,he comes  and greets me with a smile.He says"hello young lady ,do you know why did I stop you"?I innocently answered "No",for frankly,amidst my active bla bla with my hubby,I would not know what was happening around me!Well ,"do you know the speed limit here"?he questioned.I had not even noticed the speed limit there ,and I just made a wild guess and said 25 which turned out right!He said  I was way beyond that and was speeding at 37  I had my first ticket for violating the traffic law.I did say "sorry sir"and tried to convince ,but after all the formalities ,he walked up to me and sweetly said "You would be getting your notice with the due amount to be paid and the information about the 'defensive driving test 'which could clear your  ticket  and help you save the increased amount you would have to pay for the insurance company the following year".I liked the way the police man decently addressed me with respect and spoke to me in a very low and sober way.Well that was a sweet poison!My hubby sitting next to me said that I deserved it and now I would learn a lesson from the whole incident.Yes ,true,that's what even I felt .The reason I shared this was just to spot the difference between here and India where corruption rules everywhere and does not even forbid the traffic department.Imagining  the same scenario back in my home country,I would have tried buttering the cop and escaped or genuinely paid the fine,while some others would have nicely bribed the cop with half the amount of the speeding or even lesser .Certain rules and regulations imposed and  followed by both the people and the officials here, makes this country so unique People tend to obedient and donot want to violate them intentionally.If this sincerity and  promptness is followed by every other citizen or official back in India ,we could reduce half of the corruption in prevalence there.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wife is the best friend for life

Recently ,I happened to see a Movie which revolved around 2 close friends.The story as usual had 2 close friends and one lady love whom the guy is crazy for.but unfortunately ,lady love ditches him and he ends up n left behind with his close friend who already was secretly in love with him.So then a mediator(a common friend) tries to convince this guy and makes him realise that "A wife is the best friend for life"and that he was lucky to have his best friend as his life mate.
    Well ,the story was as usual boring being   on the same story lines ,but the message it gave me was really the one  to be pondered upon!!How many of the husbands really feel that their wives are their best Friends?We know that husband and wives especially in India during the past years and some even now,share a very unique relation ,with the husbands owning a sense of authority and responsibility over the wife and the wife being the very obliged or engrossed in the family responsibilities.There was less scope for mutual interactions and communications.Even with the changing times ,with wives being more career oriented  and busy with their own chores and duties,having less scope for sharing her thoughts or views with her husband.Or may be there was a sense of self created barrier which was hindering their ability too express themselves.We have so many good friends with whom we share almost every personal matter of ours or there are so many common things we share which make them so special to us.If I relate to my relation with my hubby dear,we may be east n west in a lot of things ,we may have different opinions about certain things,but there are  a few common likes and dislikes which we share and those small unique matters helps us going like bread and butter.We love cooking and eating delicacies over the weekend,we both are typical foodies and can hog on a lot of junk food,I suddenly have mood swings and feel like dining out and my hubby is ready for it!.We both love watching movies late night together and laugh out loud,(even though they may be the comedy movies which he prefers) we love exploring new places ,we hate people trying to show off and love modest people.we may not discuss everything n anything ,but we have long talks and discuss each others personal maters at office and home.I would not say that we are the best friends ,but we share an unique relation which has elements of love ,affection,friendship and care . With growing times even the bond gets stronger and even I feel that a wife could be a husband's best friend for life.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lost down the lane

   It's been a long time now,I didn't get in touch with blogging and many of my blogger friends .My apologies.Friendship is a very unique  relation which has no boundaries.The bond is eternal and is not restricted or influenced by any of the social pressures ,customs ,responsibilities or obligations which we are a part of ,in many of the relations we possess in  life.The relation among friends may grow weaker or stronger and may have ups and downs ,but the fact remains that once coined the term 'friend 'it cannot be modified , no matter the relation had it's own shortcomings.That nomenclature remains sealed for ever through your lifetime .
   Saying that ,I flow across my haunted memories down the lane recalling the relation I shared with so many friends and pals of mine all these years.Have you ever tried to replenish your barren part of the memory about your once a favorite person or a friend who would have been lost down the memory lane?We would have shared a very intimate relation with them ,they would have been the ones who  have soothed our souls ,kindled our sunken spirits with sparks of joy and affection and help us revisit ourselves.Life is a voyage and we  keep moving  through different stages of life . It's so weird that ,similar to a passenger forgetting  his co passenger once he gets down his destination,we tend to move ahead in life  leaving behind the ones in our life, through each moving phase of our life.One person gets down and the other climbs up and fills the seat next to us.We do keep in touch with a few friends ,but how we wish we could maintain the same relation with every friend of ours who once were a significant part of us.But anyways ,thanks to social media sites which gave me an opportunity  to digg up  my memories and revive my friendship with so many pals of mine.I remember having some very important people in my life: a very close pal "rashmi shankar " in my 2 nd grade;a sweet friend named Namita in my 4th grade,a few other school friends,a person whom I befriended during my journey to Poona in train  from Mumbai ,but couldn't share our contacts ,a friend whom I met during my relatives  hospitalisation and shared close bonds ,a shop keeper guy whom I knew so well and was like a brother to me ,a neighbor aunty who was just like a part of my  family and a well wisher to me and served me loads and loads of delicious food,this way the list goes on and on.But now ,they are all lost, but still  remain a part of my life, sealed forever in a beautiful gift box of "memories"in my mind and heart forever.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Are you a' time table 'person??!

  It was a regular evening  and in between my household chores  , I glanced at the  clock form my kitchen and realised that I was running late to finish my  cooking for dinner.It was already 8 45 pm and I need to put my son to sleep  before 9 30 pm ,for he has to wake up the next day at 7am .Then I tried figuring out why I was late for cooking and realised that I had spent more time relaxing myself watching the evening serial and also  surfing at Internet.Then I rolled back and tried calculating the rest of my activities ,so that was a long list of teaching my son,taking him for a bicycle round ,his nap with my small nap too,his lunch ,school pick up ,afternoon lunch preps,cleaning up, etc etc.I see myself on the toe always and have an urge to complete a task and always be in a state of anxiety that I would be running late.
       I know it feels nice to be chilled out and relaxed and just keep it going without being bothered about anything.We always do not like to be bound by the time and do our day to day chores.We have certain things in our life which are restrained by time :ex our office time;our meeting time;our kid's school time .But what about other things?Do every single chore need to be time confined or restrained by time.Imagine even our nap or relaxation time is confined to specific time constraint.I see the clock and wake up horrified every time after my sleep ,as to what needs to be done next.Hope I had all the time on earth and  could do at least one activity peacefully without having any internal stress.So after all these tensions,I made it a point to make time table for myself to manage my time for each of my activities like "play time for my son','study time for him','my surfing time',my nap time',my cooking time'etc so that I get some relief.

Do you guys feel the same ?Do we need to keep up a certain time schedule and follow our day to day activities?Do we need to organise the entire day ,so that we don't run out of time ?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Explore your adrenaline rush!!!

      What could be the 'hieghts' of insanity when it comes to roller coaster rides ?Could you imagine hanging on air at 1000 feet or almost having a feeling of being thrown and then being held back?Yes ,this is what happens at 'The Stratosphere'hotel (Ls Vegas) top of the building rides which leaves us nerve shattered.Insanity has seats tethered to an arm that swings out beyond the tower leaving riders dangling 1000 feet in the air. As the ride begins its circular motion at a speed of 45mph, the seats rise and tilt downward to the Strip .Is there anything more  insane ??

      X Scream is another ride which is  definitely the ride of a lifetime. The open vehicle which resembles a see saw ,sits on a 69-foot-long roller coaster track, which is mounted to the base of the Stratosphere Tower's pod. But unlike the typical roller coaster track that takes you back to the ground, this one stops in midair at a 30-degree angle. For those who want the most daring experience, the front seat definitely delivers the best view. Riders feel like they're about to fly into the ground 900 feet below!

          Big shot is a   ride where we would  take off so fast that we feel like we are aboard  the rocket itself. The Big Shot whisks you 160 feet in the air in an astounding 2.5 seconds. You'll then drop to shocking one negative Gravity.
          Human mind and body is super designed and crafted by the creator to deal with   dangerous and toughest situations with a phenomenal element in the body called 'Arenaline'.Adrenaline rush is a natural defensive response of the body,where a  defensive neurotransmitter/harmone named 'Adrenaline/epinephrine is released and helps us fight with the stress/fear or flight.It is called a 'flight/fright response.It suddenly boosts up all your systems -  increased muscle strength,increased heart rate ,palpitations,constricts blood vessels leading to increased blood flow , increased respiratory rate, increased flushing on-all these are responsive events to cope up with the danger /fear.The body shows up a physical response in an exxagerated manner for a short outburst of time.That's when you feel the nerve tickling sensation,a chilling experience where you feel like some bug or rat is running around all around  your body,  your heart beat felt thumping so obviously ,an unexplained sense of excitement,exhilaration,fear and all sorts of mixed emotions experienced.

    Saying that ,I remember my recent trip to the six flags discovery kingdom at San Francisco ,which is an amusement park.I kept gazing at the incredible heights at which the roller coaster stood .One of the rides the 'boomerand coaster' had an elevation of 12 stories and had 2 inversions where people are inverted upside down and are hanging at that height downwards .All this happens within a span of 1 minute 25 seconds!Then came another amazing ride named 'vertical velocity' where people are shot up vertically forward at a speed of 70 mph at an inclination of 45degree tower and kept still there for  a second and then ,as they pant for their breath,they again   shoot back downwards at 90 degree inclination at the same speed.This ride would make us feel completely weightless. This was only the worst I have experienced so far .Reading about Las Vegas Stratosphere ,I had my hairs standing erect and a chilling sensation within.So experiencing that phenomenon and exploring my adrenaline phenomenon would be way behind!:))      


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Go organic??

           These days everything comes with a price and so is good healthy food!Today's ingenious people making research on everything from common things to medical science ;people being more conscious about their body and health has lead to the recent spurts in the market of organic foods.What is  Organic ?and why organic ?why do so many people flock around  organic food and stores ?
         Typical definition says that "Organic foods are those that are produced using methods that do not involve modern synthetic inputs such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers, do not contain genetically modified organisms, and are not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents, or chemical food additives"(source =wikipedia). Most of the nutritionists believe that Inorganic foods don’t contain the  amount of nutrients needed by an individual for having sound health. This may perhaps be lead from  the forced raising of these food stuffs using artificial chemicals  unlike those that are naturally raised which has the chance to have the more wholesome form  of the nutrient. So  they feel that on consuming the organic food, we may not be in fact getting the best amount of the nutrients that may be needed to have sound health. But these claims have been rejected by the scientists and food agencies. According to the UK's Food Standards Agency, "Consumers may choose to buy organic fruit, vegetables and meat because they believe them to be more nutritious than other food. However, the balance of current scientific evidence does not support this view." A 12-month systematic review commissioned by the FSA in 2009 and conducted at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine based on 50 years worth of collected evidence concluded that "there is no good evidence that consumption of organic food is beneficial to health in relation to nutrient content.(source wikipedia).They claim that the pesticide levels in the food is well within the safety range for the human body and have no significant health hazards.In most countries, pesticides must be approved for sale and use by a government agency.In the United states, the Environmental protective Agency (EPA) is responsible for regulating pesticides under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) and the  Food Qulaity protection Act (FQPA). Complex and costly studies must be conducted to indicate whether the material is safe to use and effective against the intended pest. The EPA regulates pesticides to ensure that these products do not pose adverse effects to humans or the environment.
           Well ,while this arguments  goes on and on,we consumers are in a  tumult whether to  buy organic or non organic food.We all know the proven facts of the ill effects of pesticides on the atmosphere and on the farm workers who spray these pesticides which include severe respiratory ailments,wheezing ,thyroid problems ,cancer reports also.Endosulfan and DDT(organochlorane group pesticides) have also shown severe health hazards in several regions.The proof of Endosulfan poisoning due to aerial spray in cashew plantations have also been seen through generations in the form of physical disabilities ,mental retardation,thyroid problems ,cancer in Kasargod ,Kerala state ,India .This group of pesticides have anyways been banned also in most of the countries and so we need not be worried.But the question is do the food items have that much of residual pesticides as to harm us?The decision is left to us based on our sensibilities.In countries like USA, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has created an organic seal and people who wish to go organic can accordingly do based on this seal. Foods bearing it are required to be grown, harvested, and processed according to national standards that include restrictions on amounts and residues of pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics.Of all the hindrances ,cost is the most important factor setting restrictions on our decisions of buying organic food .How many of us would  pay double the price for organic food  because it has a little more nutritional values than the other and when harmful effects of pesticide residues are still being speculated and not proven?Can we really afford "to go organic"for all the food items?from rice ,vegetables fruits to all other commodities?
             To be on the safer side,Environmental working group and the Food and drug  administration made a comprehensive list of fruits and vegetables which contain high traces and least traces of pesticides in  fruits and vegetables .So this list may help us in deciding which foods can be "go organic" and which foods could be non organic.Accordingly ,the" Dirty 12"
•Sweet bell peppers
•Grapes (imported)

    And which organic produce is probably not worth the added expense? The group lists these 12 items as having the least pesticide residues:(clean 12)
•Sweet peas (frozen)
•Sweet corn (frozen)

   Whether or not you buy organic, you can do your part to reduce pesticide residues on foods with the following tips:

•Wash and scrub produce under streaming water to remove dirt, bacteria and surface pesticide residues, even produce with inedible skins such as cantaloupe. Do not use soap.This will help clean most of the pesticide residues from the outer peel.
•Remove the peel from fruits and vegetables in most of the fruits and vegetables.
•Remove the outer leaves of leafy vegetables.
•Trim visible fat and skin from meat and poultry because pesticide residues can collect in fat.
•Eat a variety of foods from different sources.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Anuradha Koirala -"Nepali Lioness"

         I came across this video in Facebook and was impressed with  her amazing personality  and thought of blogging about her.Anuradha Koirala ,born and brought up in Nepal ,is a social activist, who started her daring task of fighting against human trafficking for sexual exploitation of children and woman since 1993.Ms Koirala ,who herself was a survivor of sexual violence , started her organisation with her own small house in Kathmandu Nepal which later bloomed into the present 'Maiti'.She is the executive director and founder of this rehabilitation center which is a home for thousands of rescued gals and woman ,who are allowed to stay here and trained for some small jobs until they wish to.
    Ms Koirala with some  coworkers ,personally raids the brothels were the girls are arrested by the sex traffickers and also does patrolling across the border region of India Nepal where these girl children are transported across to India for sex trading and helps rescue them .On discovering  the horrifying treatment of these kids at the brothels ,where they are sexually tormented  with 30 to 40 men a day and  physically abused, she was motivated to do something for them with vengeance .Her social work  is not limited to just rescuing these girls and bringing them to Maiti ,but also treating them for the various diseases and dealing with their Physical , emotional and psyoclogical  including pregnancy ,Aids ,sexual ailments ,mental problems,etc .Most of these children would not be able to return back to their home as a result of social stigma and nonacceptance from their parents.Ms Koirala also conducts many campaigns and  awareness programmes across various places in Nepal ,creating awareness about sexual violence and human trafficking amongst the uneducated rural population.She was recently awarded 'CNN Hero' by the CNN and was awarded an amount of   $100,000 to continue her work with Maiti Nepal, in addition to the $25,000 awarded to each of the top 10 Heroes honored.This lady with a simple ,yet captivating personality ,is no doubt  a lioness in true sense.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Unwelcomed guest!!

     "Little gesture of smile ,one cup of coffee and  little words of love " -this is the formula  for a person to' feel at home ' at a host's place right?Well ,my recent experience with a relative of mine deceived me of my thoughts and belief.She was a cousin of mine who was pretty close during childhood days and had moved to the US long back and now coincidentally she was just half an hour drive away from our place.So excitedly ,I planned a visit to her place by calling her up ,on a particular day and she seemed pleased to invite me home .The initial entry into the house such that,was  that we could predict the next sequence.We stood by the door just waiting for a pleasing gesture form her side or a word to have a seat ;but it seemed like we were some unwelcomed guests or some salesmen who receive a displeasing /frowning expression.We had to make ourselves comfortable ,so we decided to have our seat even though we weren't offered a seat.Then as we were about to sit,I heard her saying "have your seat"..I was glad that at least after  5 min ,she remembered to offer a seat.
      Then ,I lead the conversation and chatted with her , as she was a silent gal who hardly could answer a few questions what we asked.After a while of conversation involving questions like "how do you spend your time here"?;"which school does your son go?" "where does your husband work?"bla bla... ,I was tired leading the one man army and going on and on like a chatter box .It was as if I was trying to make the host comfortable with my conversation!,I started wondering what to do next? My poor reserved introvert  hubby  too joined me in my chit chat wondering about  the mere peculiar situation.The host kept continuing her vegetable chopping job as she was talking to us and we kept gazing and were perplexed.Now since we had planned for a short duration stay there  we were lucky!She just seemd to unwillingly question us if she needed to prepare lunch for us and we instantly rejected  saying that we would be back home for lunch.That's it; that was the end of it and we just fled away with a hope to never return back there.
     Certain traditions ,etiquittes  or mannerisms are always good to be continued nevertheless were you stay or whatever is the situation.A pleasent demeanor ,atleast an offer for  a cup of water for a person who comes home;isn't that decent enough expectation? What do you guys feel?Have you ever had such an experience??!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

In her Shoes

PS: I know it's weird!!Ps is usually at the end of the post,but this one really needs due attention ,so u can take it as 'prior script' and not 'post script'.Congratulations to all of us for the "LOK PAL" bill being approved by the Government.Now we can hopefully breathe fresh 'uncorrupted' air .One simple start for supporting this bill from our side would be not to give bribes anywhere (govt offices and other places )even though it may make the task difficult to be accomplished.

     I watched a beautiful movie today and felt like just writing a short review on it.The story revolves around 2 sisters who were raised up by their step mother and father and  lived separately after they grew up.Elder sister
Toni Collette was a sober ,responsible lawyer and the younger sister played by the sexy Cameron Diaz was playful,flirty , casual going gal.The only thing what they shared in common was the 81/2 size shoes!!The story takes a twist when the younger sister Maggi has a sleep over with her elder sister Rose's boyfriend and was drifted away from her sister.She leaves the house of her sister and relocates to her long lost lately discovered Grand mom's house who was with a group of old age friends .With her grand mom's motivation,Maggi pursues a job at a hospital with some old patients, where she discovers true meaning of life by interacting  with various patients.Maggi eventually transforms miraculously into a soft hearted responsible lady.So then the story continues into a interesting journey where the two sisters re-interact and rediscover the love they share for each other and reunite into a ever lasting unfeigned  bond! The last scene in the movie is of the elder sisiter's wedding where the younger sister Maggie presents her sister a beautiful expressive gift ,of a poem narration by Edward Estlin Cummings which leaves Rose surrendered to Maggie with utter love.So here goes the poem:


I  carry your heart with me(i carry it in
me )i am never without it(anywhere
I go you go,my dear; and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
I fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

Here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

I carry your heart(I carry it in my heart) 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One gift from a fellow blogger

1- Express gratitude and link back the person giving you the award.... 

So here I am thanking Mr Irfan form Apni Boli who has considered me worthy of this award.

2- Share seven things about you, that too honestly......

1.I love travelling ,chirping and shopping.
2.Cannot accept allegations on me and am short tempered when it comes up to accepting unacceptable things.
3.Love dancing ,music and I feel still like a college gal even now.
4.Emotional and practical too -a perfect combination.
5.Love to watch the imaginary romantic movies and feel everything is so green and expect the same to happen in my life too.:))
6.Like to be constantly active,canot just laze around without doing anything.
7.Open column any one who knows me can fill:))

3- Pass this Honour to other newly discovered or followed Blogger friends...

ok this is a tough one.I have so many good blogger friends.I need to be really frank and really mention whom I feel are versatile...I love certain blogs for the content and certain blogs for their style of writing and certain ones for the good vocabulary and consistency of quality .

Here are the list 
   1 .Mr Balachandran -My travels my life I like this blog for the views and opinions and heart felt feelings expressed in his blog in his own versatile style.
2.Mr SM -Reality views  His blog is so informative.He constantly updates his blogs with quality information.
3.Raksha -A Canary's diary She writes in a very unique way with interesting vocabulary and her thoughts flow like free flowing water .She is very expressive.
4.Nri Gal-Coffee with Jesus Love this blog for the time she takes to constantly update this with readings form Bible and translate it into simple messages for understanding.
5.Alka Gurha -Free Bird Love her style of writing ,Love the way she adds humor to her posts in her own way.U come out of her blog with a smile in your face.

I love all th fellow bloggers n blogs which i follow,but these are exceptional.

4- Inform the concerned Bloggers about their award....
Doing it already..:))

Thanks Irfaan once again.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Significance of month of April

It's Autism awareness day on April 2nd and Autism awareness month throughout April .Let's throw some light on  Autism through the blogosphere.Autism is defined by the Autism Society Of America (ASA) as
          Autism is a complex developmental disability that typically appears during the first three years of life and is the result of a neurological disorder that affects the normal functioning of the brain, impacting development in the areas of social interaction and communication skills. Both children and adults with autism typically show difficulties in verbal and non-verbal communication, social interactions, and leisure or play activities. .
    Some of the diagnostic findings in kids with Autism or Autism spectrum Disorder:
  •    The hallmark feature of ASD is impaired social interaction and they tend to avoid eye contact with other people.
  • They have difficulty interpreting what others are thinking or feeling because they have diminished ability to understand the  social cues , such as tone of voice or facial expressions.
  • Some speak in a sing-song voice about a narrow range of favorite topics, with little regard for the interests of the person to whom they are speaking.Some of the higher functioning autism kids may be able to speak or respond as effectively as us .
  • They may have some repetitive movements like flapping the hands ,tapping hands over the head ,rocking their body in rhythmic movements ,yelling or screaming aloud ,parrot like repetitive speech or repeating certain  words.They may also have certain sensory issues related to sounds or vision.For example :They may be afraid of certain noises like a fire cracker's sound or a engine's sound /vacuum cleaner /mixer grinder's sound or may feel discomforted seeing certain visual scenes like a bright light or certain color.
  • Most individuals with autism lack spontaneity, initiative, and creativity in the organization of their leisure time and have difficulty applying conceptualizations in decision-making in work (even when the tasks themselves are well within their capacity)
  • They may not be able to relate to the past experiences or narrate what had happened earlier.For ex:relate it's  past day's experience ,narrate the incidents occurred at school etc
  • The specific manifestation of deficits characteristic of autism change as the children grow older, but the deficits in socialization, emotional expression ,overall development,continue into and through adult life with a broadly similar pattern ,but may not necessarily be the same as it was during the childhood.
        These are just a general list of few of the characteristics and each child is unique in it's own way and cannot be limited to these diagnostic features listed by some researchers.Anyways ,my intention of listing these characteristics were just to create a sense of awareness in those of you who were not knowing what Autism really is about.  Autism is not a mental illness or some sort of contagious disease that people need to stay away from.People need not forbid their kids from playing together with an autistic kid nor allow or encourage their kids to  harass or ridicule them in any way.Let the parents  try to explain their kids why the autistic kids  behave differently ,rather than just themselves acting so immature and being stigmatic . Let them create an awareness in them about Autism in a simple way and explain the importance of showing respect to all the individuals.I notice that some parents consider it as a stigma or  matter of prestige  to mingle with the parents of children with special needs or also allow their kids to play with  these  kids .
     These children  may be lacking so many things a so called 'normal child' may  possess  ,but may also have certain  self motivated skills or talents which may be exceptional.There are a number of autistic artists , small business men, musicians,singers .They may be slow in certain things ,they may not be able to become a professional engineer ,doctor or any other high- fi graduates.But given an opportunity ,they can flourish in their own  way and at least reach up to a level where they can read and write and become responsible independent individuals..They love the air you breathe ,they love the food you eat ,they love the fun and frolic you have ,they love to sing and dance ,even though it's their own unique way.All they need is acceptance into our world ,respect ,love and extra care not our sympathy or ignorance.As responsible parents and citizens ,it's our duty to create a harmonious universe giving a chance for every single child to develop, nurture and blossom in their own way.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We all share the same spirits!!revisited

I know ,when I last wrote this post ,most of you didn't agree that cricket was going to somehow involve us into the maze .Truly speaking being at USA, I couldn't really watch most of the Indian matches and only saw the scores the next morning.(It starts at 2 am night and ends at 9 am ).Though staying miles apart form India which is buzzing with cricket updates and conversations ,I could sense the ongoings here owing to the news channel ,media and  you tube updates.We unknowingly tend to involve into the conversations ,poke our nose into the rumors about cricketers,start commenting about the cricketer's performance their flaws and expected  improvised performances.
         I felt a little offbeat and off track when most of my Indian friends used to talk about the 'cricket' strikes and hits of the last match and I was not aware of those scenes ,as I just watched the scores and highlights.It was only when I heard of the India Australia match ,which was supposed to be a 'DO or Die' match for India owing to it's entry to the semi finals that my spirits arouse again. In-spite of that,I couldn't manage to stay awake the entire night compromising my whole night's sleep ,but managed to wake up early and watch India's bating performance.Sachin's bating which met the expectations reasonably,Yuvi's bating which crossed all barriers and over met people's expectations leading us towards a victory ,all this was indeed a scintillating experience.After all ,India ended Aussies reign over the World cup Finals match after a long 11 years gap.In  11 years,this is the first time that Aussies are going back home without entering the finals!Now ,India even though has Hockey as it's national game, is crazy for cricket ,reason nobody knows!May be owing to the generations following cricket , 'Gilli Danda 'the traditional amateur street game popularized since ages ;the British memoir or  also the cricket world cup victory which the Indian team achieved under Kapil's captancy back in 1983. Whatever is the case ,we are all captivated by  this game and feel it as a matter of pride of the country.
      30 th march -is going to be one big day for the Indians ,with Pakistan confronting them for the Semi Finals and it's no less than a cold  war.We have Pakistan , expertized in Bowling and India in bating;raising the nervousness .I think this one day ,even the unenthusiastic cricket haters also would open up their ears or widen their eyes to at least hear scores or take a peek to the headlines or highlights.I know that in India it's almost a national holiday atmosphere ,owing to the 'cricket fever' being the sole reason for leave from offices.Some private offices have even declared a half day leave for the employees well being:)) Let's hope for the best and cheer for the Indian team .

Ps:By the time this post is read ,we will be aware of the winners:))

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Raghu Dixit -Folk rockstar

   A  loose gown ,a striking color contrasting  wrap around cloth at the bottom mimicking the 'dhoti /lungi ' and a long beaded chain ;a guitar slung around  the shoulder ,anklets clad on the feet -this is how the singer/'Folk rocker' ,Raghu Dixit makes an appearance in his singing concerts and shows portraying his contemporary traditional look .This singer originally hailing from Mysore ,Karnataka is a composer ,lyricist ,music director  and also owns a band of his own named 'Antaragni'/eternal fire ' with his own set of musicians.
         His crystal clear loud voice quality and the high pitching notes can engross anyone with him and make them rock to his tunes.He sings in various languages like Kannada Hindi and English and  even blends all 3 in one song occasionally and  are based on Latin,Sufi ,Reggae and blue styles with the base being folk ,thus impressing youngsters to aged.His compositions are unique in their own way with influence from traditional ,ancient Kannada folk music as well as moral poems composed by Santa Sisunala sharif and imbibe a lot of morality ,messages and emotions .His music is a splendid blend of Ethnic /folk  and contemporary music styles form various parts of the world .Even the instruments used by his percussionists are blend of both modern and classic styles with guitar ,tabla  ,violin and drums..
        His career though started as a music director and singer in a few Kannada films ,later flourished with a Debut self titled album 'Raghu Dixit' launched in National level by muscians Vishal and Shekar.The song 'Gudgudiya sedi nodu' and 'Amber se' and 'Hey Bhagwan 'became very popular .He has impressed not only the Indians by his singing versatility through various compositions and concerts ,but also created waves internationally .He has travelled across the world for various concerts in Austarlia , Dubai ,UK and at Kennedy center in Washington and other places  in the US. Hope for the best future ahead for this amazing talented singer who is promoting the ethnicity and Indian culture with his Rock contemporary style.Meanwhile ,I suggest you to rock to the tunes of his songs.

Ps :Here are the few links for his hit songs form the album.

1.No man will ever love the way like I do

2 '.Gud gudiya sedi nodu'  -smoke th hookah!

3.I am in Mumbai waiting for a miracle:


More detailson Raghu Dixit on his website:


I thought of adding a little info on him for those who are unaware.Santa sisunala was a saint who hailed from the small town of 'sisunala' in Haveri district of Karnataka ,India.Like the famous Kabir Das in northern India ,he used to compose his own moral poems and recite and sing to the poeple back in the 1830 times.He was a well educated guy and was a disciple of a Brahmin named Govinda Bhatta .The strange part was that even though a muslim,he used to believe in hinduism and wrotepoems in Kannada language .His poems had a lot of practical facts and dealt with human emotions and preached about the human instinct and moral values .His moral poems were named as 'Tatvapada'.