Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fantasy turned reality!

        All of us have some inherent close to heat feelings  ,which may seem despicable or just so ordinary;but when achieved , gives a sense of immense satisfaction; incomparable to even the greatest of the achievements!This was what I could correlate to my first experience in the snow capped mountain region.
      We had our  Christmas vacation in my relatives place at Seattle , WA. This was a long awaited visit because they have been inviting us since a  long time,and I was avoiding the visit and kept it in store for the December month, just to fulfill my "long awaited dream "of going amidst the snow. So finally the time arrived and I was heading to unite my' long waited unseen  muse';explore an' unrevealed enigma.'.No love story would have had such a sensational experience which  I had:)We headed towards the "Mt Baker"near Seattle ,the day we landed there itself just in an hour !.
        As we were heading towards the curving steep roads ,I could see the snow capped mountains  at a distance  which looked really beautiful.There were forests on the way which had  mostly  bare trees  without leaves, intermingled with some green trees and looked as if they had some depressing story to tell.But the situation wasn't the same, because as we moved  further higher ,we could see the "evergreen pine trees"everywhere and they looked tall and nice and were full of life. As we moved further,suddenly my husband spotted something 'white'on the ground and showed me and I exclaimed "snow snow"and  my relatives and their kids started laughing.Yes ,for me it was my dream come true ,whilst I was seeing snow for the first time!
     From there ,it was a foggy, misty snow covered route and the rest of the journey unveiled heart throbbing scenes; because we were at an elevation of 3000 feet and could see snow everywhere and mountains and forests with  pine trees covered with huge chunks of snow ,which I had only seen on the artificial Christmas trees and on the celluloid screen in movies.I remember ,when I saw those Bollywood movies and songs ,I fantasized those scenes and imagined myself there.The  sight was really breath taking  because one side  it was mountains and the other side was the valley and in between ,were we traveling on the road.I couldn't resist till I reached the actual place ,and asked my uncle to stop the car on the way .I got down the car and stepped down the car anticipating the long awaited sensation of the snow. which was only a perception till then.And yes ,I really felt as if I were in a 'self   created heaven  'and there was no boundaries to my happiness with the sight and the feel of being in the icy region surrounded by mist and fog and snow everywhere. I felt the snow and held it as if it was some precious stone and then my feet weren't just on ground and I acted crazy and started playing and throwing  snow on myself and  others too.After this , we continued and  finally reached Mt Baker/snokaoulami pass and the place was  really  enchanting and mesmerizing with the dark green snow  mountains  and contrasting white snow looking like a' black and white 'picture in a portrait/landscape. The new horizon just made me say "wow"so many times that the 'wow' word seemed scorn.We all enjoyed heartily there playing in the snow ,making a 'snowman',skidding and sliding  and throwing snow balls at each other and stayed for quite a while.The next day again we had been to another snow region named 'Steven's pass' because I didn't have enough of it the previous day:)This too was a beautiful place and I still managed to have the same thrill ,I had the first time.As if to add to my pleasures,even the third day of my stay at my relatives place ,there was unexpected snowfall at their place itself.The snow showers were mild and was in the form of small white snowballs or beads falling over .I managed to sneak out and drench myself in the' pearl  showers' and felt blissed.I think the snow showers made me forget that I was a mother to a 5 year old and made me myself a kid.

     I know most of you who live in the regions were it snows regularly, would be wondering that I am insane!I am aware of the difficulties and obstructions you guys face day to day with this.People cannot get out of their houses ,the roads are undrivable with snow slides and skidding wheels ,kids cannot play for long outside ;the bad weather ;the  boredom ;health problems associated etc etc.But believe me ;this is what happened to me ,because it was my fantasy turned  reality! 

PS:As I was writing this post;on the other side ,I hear news of heavy snow storm hitting the Boston,New york and other parts in the east coast in the US and also the southern England.OOPS!This is what they call "one person's fantasy is another person's nightmare"