Monday, May 16, 2011

Explore your adrenaline rush!!!

      What could be the 'hieghts' of insanity when it comes to roller coaster rides ?Could you imagine hanging on air at 1000 feet or almost having a feeling of being thrown and then being held back?Yes ,this is what happens at 'The Stratosphere'hotel (Ls Vegas) top of the building rides which leaves us nerve shattered.Insanity has seats tethered to an arm that swings out beyond the tower leaving riders dangling 1000 feet in the air. As the ride begins its circular motion at a speed of 45mph, the seats rise and tilt downward to the Strip .Is there anything more  insane ??

      X Scream is another ride which is  definitely the ride of a lifetime. The open vehicle which resembles a see saw ,sits on a 69-foot-long roller coaster track, which is mounted to the base of the Stratosphere Tower's pod. But unlike the typical roller coaster track that takes you back to the ground, this one stops in midair at a 30-degree angle. For those who want the most daring experience, the front seat definitely delivers the best view. Riders feel like they're about to fly into the ground 900 feet below!

          Big shot is a   ride where we would  take off so fast that we feel like we are aboard  the rocket itself. The Big Shot whisks you 160 feet in the air in an astounding 2.5 seconds. You'll then drop to shocking one negative Gravity.
          Human mind and body is super designed and crafted by the creator to deal with   dangerous and toughest situations with a phenomenal element in the body called 'Arenaline'.Adrenaline rush is a natural defensive response of the body,where a  defensive neurotransmitter/harmone named 'Adrenaline/epinephrine is released and helps us fight with the stress/fear or flight.It is called a 'flight/fright response.It suddenly boosts up all your systems -  increased muscle strength,increased heart rate ,palpitations,constricts blood vessels leading to increased blood flow , increased respiratory rate, increased flushing on-all these are responsive events to cope up with the danger /fear.The body shows up a physical response in an exxagerated manner for a short outburst of time.That's when you feel the nerve tickling sensation,a chilling experience where you feel like some bug or rat is running around all around  your body,  your heart beat felt thumping so obviously ,an unexplained sense of excitement,exhilaration,fear and all sorts of mixed emotions experienced.

    Saying that ,I remember my recent trip to the six flags discovery kingdom at San Francisco ,which is an amusement park.I kept gazing at the incredible heights at which the roller coaster stood .One of the rides the 'boomerand coaster' had an elevation of 12 stories and had 2 inversions where people are inverted upside down and are hanging at that height downwards .All this happens within a span of 1 minute 25 seconds!Then came another amazing ride named 'vertical velocity' where people are shot up vertically forward at a speed of 70 mph at an inclination of 45degree tower and kept still there for  a second and then ,as they pant for their breath,they again   shoot back downwards at 90 degree inclination at the same speed.This ride would make us feel completely weightless. This was only the worst I have experienced so far .Reading about Las Vegas Stratosphere ,I had my hairs standing erect and a chilling sensation within.So experiencing that phenomenon and exploring my adrenaline phenomenon would be way behind!:))