Saturday, December 4, 2010

Most memorable memory and treasurable asset!!

Memories are always an eternal part of one and all and we are incomplete without these memoirs.These memories keep us going and brings back smiles /tears on our faces .Memories right from our baby days ,childhood days ,school days ,college days and till date.Some of the sweet and bitter  memories that we cherish:
" First day at school"
"First performance on stage at school"
"First prize you won"
First appreciation from your parents
First day at college
First love
The  marriage day moments.
The mixed reactions we had on the day we had our child :a little tears and lot of smiles!
"The First scolding ,beating from your parents"
First humiliation/embarrassment you faced.
The day when you got severely wounded /hurt.
"Your First failure "which made you cry.
The day you lost someone very close to you.
The day you departed from someone very close to you.
These are just a few and the list can go on and on.
     Though I have a lot of memoirs in my list; I can relate mostly to that moment when my Dad consoled me and was assertive about me and praised me and said that he was happy about me ,to a relative of ours.  This  relative had in fact criticised me for scoring less in my 12 th grade and said I could not achieve anything with those scores as it was very crucial those days to score a 90%and above to get inti a professional course.
     Another important event which I would cherish forever is the day when my child,who was just 9 months old had a health problem and I couldn't understand what it was and was helpless and held him in my arms and rushed to the hospital with a common friend of ours .So  that moment could be  "the most memorable memory".
     And also to add on we also have certain assets which we are very possessive about, and would treasure it with us life long.Like for instance ,I treasure my Dad's first gift which was an simple steel  titan watch , I received when I was in 8th grade ,and treasure  it even now; in spite of having so many other watches after that.So friends, I thought of keeping this as an open platform for recalling and sharing your thoughts about your "most memorable memory"and your "treasurable asset"if you have one.Go ahead and feel free to put forth your views.

scorching bug

 Firstly, I am sorry to all my blogger friends to be aloof  for some time ;but I was helpless .Initially it was a nice vacation to Los Angeles and San Diego which kept me engaged and then ,there was this  "bug"which kept bugging me.I have literally spent 5 successive sleepless nights due to this demon troubling me and scorching  my intestines and diaphragm ,squeezing  out not only my muscles and energy  but also my senses.The worst part is the demon would leave me free in the morning ;but  I would be haunted  with the after affects and literally end up dozing  the next day also to compensate; and every time I would sit in front of the laptop, would turn up blank!So till I regain my senses and till the bug "debugs"me ,see you all ..!!keep blogging.