Saturday, December 4, 2010

scorching bug

 Firstly, I am sorry to all my blogger friends to be aloof  for some time ;but I was helpless .Initially it was a nice vacation to Los Angeles and San Diego which kept me engaged and then ,there was this  "bug"which kept bugging me.I have literally spent 5 successive sleepless nights due to this demon troubling me and scorching  my intestines and diaphragm ,squeezing  out not only my muscles and energy  but also my senses.The worst part is the demon would leave me free in the morning ;but  I would be haunted  with the after affects and literally end up dozing  the next day also to compensate; and every time I would sit in front of the laptop, would turn up blank!So till I regain my senses and till the bug "debugs"me ,see you all ..!!keep blogging.


Onkar said...

Recover soon and get back to blogging.

Mangala said...

Get well soon :)

sm said...

get well soon
good luck

A said...

That is not good...Do you know the problem? Right treatment?

raji said...

@onkar ,mangala sm ..thanks.Iam already getting back on track..

@A .I have a severe "cough"that's it.seems like some respiratory infection,and have taken medicines ..but cough still persisits at night and it keeps pestering.but i think will be fine in 3- 4 days.thanks .

dr.antony said...

Hope you are fine.
Thanks for that link you had posted.