Thursday, October 21, 2010

When the limits are crossed!!!

Hello readers.You may be wondering "what limits are crossed??"Well ..i will explain..yesterday afternoon, I finished my lunch  and started wondering "what do i do next?"other than the usual television and laptop stuff.So then I remembered the ice cream boxes in my fridge .I just got them the previous day and they were missing me so much.I thought let me taste how  they are ,and started with one flavor,the"raspberry" and found it a little sour..but still manageable.Then i thought i should taste the other flavor,that is the snicker's cream and fudge.Hm...that was delicious.I had 3 scoops and then felt it was too sweet ,so again i switched to the raspberry to neutralise that affect.So then my scoops went on increasing ;believe me I had a total of 8 scoops !
         That time i just thought of writing this post ,"why do we eat beyond our limits?"we would have finished our full fledged meal ,still we would have an extra "self created space for a dessert".We would know we are full,still we continue on and on with that extra heap of potato chips /french fries/or we Indians on the "golgappas".We would not have had anything else as a substitute for  those particular food stuff we ate;I mean, that could not have been covered up by the regular meal .Have you all noticed that when we are sitting idle and donot have any work/when bored or we are in front of the television,we start eating some stuff beyond limits without  our knowledge.The "Hunger "quench is fulfilled ,this quench is something beyond that.Its so strange.Is it that our taste buds have a control  over our mind/is it some sort of a hormonal reflex?We are aware that those extra "carb's and fats" are bad for us ;still we go on and on.....crazy right?