Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lost down the lane

   It's been a long time now,I didn't get in touch with blogging and many of my blogger friends .My apologies.Friendship is a very unique  relation which has no boundaries.The bond is eternal and is not restricted or influenced by any of the social pressures ,customs ,responsibilities or obligations which we are a part of ,in many of the relations we possess in  life.The relation among friends may grow weaker or stronger and may have ups and downs ,but the fact remains that once coined the term 'friend 'it cannot be modified , no matter the relation had it's own shortcomings.That nomenclature remains sealed for ever through your lifetime .
   Saying that ,I flow across my haunted memories down the lane recalling the relation I shared with so many friends and pals of mine all these years.Have you ever tried to replenish your barren part of the memory about your once a favorite person or a friend who would have been lost down the memory lane?We would have shared a very intimate relation with them ,they would have been the ones who  have soothed our souls ,kindled our sunken spirits with sparks of joy and affection and help us revisit ourselves.Life is a voyage and we  keep moving  through different stages of life . It's so weird that ,similar to a passenger forgetting  his co passenger once he gets down his destination,we tend to move ahead in life  leaving behind the ones in our life, through each moving phase of our life.One person gets down and the other climbs up and fills the seat next to us.We do keep in touch with a few friends ,but how we wish we could maintain the same relation with every friend of ours who once were a significant part of us.But anyways ,thanks to social media sites which gave me an opportunity  to digg up  my memories and revive my friendship with so many pals of mine.I remember having some very important people in my life: a very close pal "rashmi shankar " in my 2 nd grade;a sweet friend named Namita in my 4th grade,a few other school friends,a person whom I befriended during my journey to Poona in train  from Mumbai ,but couldn't share our contacts ,a friend whom I met during my relatives  hospitalisation and shared close bonds ,a shop keeper guy whom I knew so well and was like a brother to me ,a neighbor aunty who was just like a part of my  family and a well wisher to me and served me loads and loads of delicious food,this way the list goes on and on.But now ,they are all lost, but still  remain a part of my life, sealed forever in a beautiful gift box of "memories"in my mind and heart forever.