Sunday, September 19, 2010

Riddle solved

I am extremely sorry to keep you all waiting .I had a nice weekend trip to "Yosemite national park"(lol).I really appreciate all your views and most of them suit this well .But what i had in my mind when i wrote this was different.
                If you replace the first word of all the lines with the word "Tears"then you will see that it will suit well .I can explain this ."tears "are an integral part of has its evolution from the tear glands!Tears are sometimes very meaningless...yes we sometimes tend to cry unexpectedly,just for very silly or almost no reason,and sometimes very meaningful(suited for the occasion).
  They are associated with most of the circumstances of life may it be sorrows ,sadness,happiness..etc.They are always there with you throughout life , like your true friends to console you whenever you need them.There can be no best remedy for your sorrows than your own tears ,because tears tend to relieve you when you are stressed.Theories have proven that "Tears "are nothing but compounds of salt and also contain Hormone "prolactin" and these hormones tend to relive stress.Also ..if these tears weren't there then we would really go to a "depression"or a sort of "insane" condition as i mentioned .That is the reason that most of our elders and friends ask us to "cry out "during a sad mourning occasion.My next line of the prose"they are there when you are depressed and also overwhelmed"is also understood ,because most of us have tears in our eyes when we are laughing heartily for a joke or when we are extremely happy;we have "tears of joy"also.Tears also help you protect against dust  and any other foreign particles and act as a shield to your eyes.So now tell me aren't tears really a "boon"to us?