Friday, August 19, 2011


Even though born a "Kannadiga"(this is the term used for an Indian born in the state of Karnataka and speak Kannada as his native language),I was unaware of Mr .T.P Kailasam and his contributions to the Kannada language and theater world.People say "There is no meaning to your life if you have not read or seen Mr kailasam's novels after being a kannadiga".So it seemed like my life was lifeless until recently when watched this awesome Platinum Remi award winner kannada movie named "Kailowesome"in a movie site.
     We would  have often heard about a few people in the past ,but hardly found the time to go over their biography and research about them.This particular movie was so impressive that it captivated me from the beginning to the end.Even though lasting for a short duration,this "typical art type movie"had something different in it.It literally swept us through the mind of Kailasam himself and had him speak to us "alive".Yes ,imagine the characters of his novel and plays coming to life and criticising him and analysing the modifications he should have made in the story or the nature of their personality !That's how the director had stitched the sequence of the movie.His plays which were usually based on female characters had all the different aspects of their personalities.There was a widower to a traditional village lady to a prostitute.The important aspect is he had a outstanding  element of humor in all his plays .Though born in a Tamil family in Karnataka ,he had immense love towards Kannada language literature.He graduated from London as a Geologist and later came down to his home country to serve for his own language.
      Kailasam was the only person who had dared to introduce modern,slang English mixed  words into the Kannada language plays.Though these words were often used in the spoken language ,nobody dared to use it in the written literature .Though initially criticised for his play with the language ,he was later prominently admired by most of the literary personalities and common public.He had this peculiar fascinating element of creating hymns like that in Sanskrit in Kannada language which seemed like a traditional prose ,but factually was a rib tickling prose .Also he created his own Kannada versions of the famous English songs which he heard throughout his stay in London  and "Indianised it ".For ex:The famous song "It's a long long way to Tipperary,long way to go .To the sweetest girl I know,but my heart's right there"was modified and humorously crafted as "Namma Tipparalli balu dura,nadeyak balu dura...adare alli avale namma basavi".Tipparalli is a village in karnataka and "basavi "is a character created by him.It sounds very hilarious in the kannada language.Song link .His another famous song "Kolike ranga .."is also based on the eternal English song"Constantinople,C,O ,N S ...It's as easy to sing as you sing your A B C ".The Kannada version is really really hilarious.Here is the link to that .Even for those who cannot follow the language ,it can be funny.Kolike song .These famous songs were penned mainly for the plays which he created.He wrote only 17 plays in Kannada language but those plays left an everlasting impression on the Kannada literature and the society.The famous ones were "Tollu Ghatti","Gandasgatti" "sule"etc .Kailasam being a smoker and an addict to liquor , created a prose in Kannda which reflected his personality .The saying "There is only one Kilasam in Kannada and One Beechi for humor"is justified.(beechi is another famous humorist in kannada literature).

Ps: If you find time ,my fellow bloggers ,do not forget to watch this short movie which is  a reflection of his personality and also an justification of a crafted master piece.There are English subtitles ,so it's easy to follow.

Link to this movie"SIMPLY KAILOWESOME"

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Anna's "ANNA SAN"

This is not new to all Indians that Aug 16th onwards our dear Anna Hazare is going on a indefinite hunger strike /"anna san"again in an attempt to shake the government and get the approval for the "real lokpal bill".As I was watching the reality singing show Saregama Pa Little champs ,I got an opportunity to see and hear the sharp pounding words of Mr Anna Hazare .Usually it was the film stars and singers appearing as the VIP guests in the show ,but as a special case ,on the occasion of Independence day they had Mr Anna Hazare in the show.
        Anna Hazare has just one request to all Indians "Just step out of your houses or stand by  the balcony or parks near your houses in support of lokpal bill against corruption.We do not ask you all to flock at  Jantar Mantar or go on hunger strike ,but just stepping out and protesting or uttering the slogan "Inquilab Jindabad "/"Bharat mata ki jai" would be sufficient and that would target my  desired intent ".He said that the  governement can stop one Anna Hazaare, but it cannot decline the demands of the people power of the nation.We all know the overall biography of Mr Anna Hazare that hailing form a lower income group from a small village of maharstra Ralegaon Siddhi ,Anna has  come a long way and has achieved a lot in terms of social service and  service to the nation by his credible achievements in the Indian military and also freedom struggle and many other know causes for the country.It was a pleasureful experience as the undiscovered side of Anna was unveiled  in the show ,his innocent child like side which also had an element of perseverance and undeterred motivation to achieve the goals ;his profound patriotism which reflected in the tears he shed as the little children sang the patriotic songs ;his love for agriculture and so on.He grooved to the songs of the little children and swayed in the emotions of the songs and revived every word of the lyrics and the emotions of the song and had it flowing in his nerves.His melodious side was also discovered when he sang the famous patriotic song in his voice. He reminded the politicians and the corrupt employees the meaning of the song which had the lines"kar chale hum fida jano tan saatiyo.ab tumahare havale vatan saatiyo"meaning "we shed our lives and soul for the country and now we leave the country in your hands"and their responsibility to rule the country in an effcient way.He mocked the government and said that the song"ae mere vatan ke aankh mein bharlo paani ,jo shahid huve hai unki zara yaad karo kurbaani.."should be played twice  a day in the government office as a bhajan or reminder for them to stop mocking  the sacrifices of the freedom fighters and ruin the country.Overall we can see a reflection of Mahatma Gaandhi in Anna Hazaare and there is no doubt that the goals he has for the nation will be achieved by this revolutionist in spite of the obstacles from the congress and the government .

Ps:These are  the photos from the show saregama pa little champs.

PPS:Now the latest update at this hour is that Anna has been denied the permission for the fast and thus the government has proved that people power and democracy are just words to be used and does not have a true sense! Here is the LinkLet's wait and see for the rest .I am sure the heat is on and people are all out on streets.