Saturday, February 19, 2011

We all share the same spirits!!

   As I cling to the sofa sets with my Laptop serving it's real purpose('Lap'+top) for watching the much awaited world cup,I flow across an array of nostalgic moments.I remember How my Dad  being a huge cricket admirer ,almost never missed any of the matches and only 'cricket'  was aired all the time during the  cricket season .We ,as kids used to feel extremely irritated and frustrated about the fact that we would have to compromise our favorite shows on Tv for Dad's cricket.Then ,slowly a slight inclination developed with a  few ' tits and bits 'glimpses  now and then from the Cricket match which finally was transformed to a  passion.That's how we were introduced and conditioned to cricket!Nevertheless ,I do not repent for that because once you follow the game and the game spirits ,it's always fun to watch cricket  overall,though it can be a little boring occasionally.
          It's world cup season and I know that especially  in India, it's a 'cricket mania' which follows.India, called a 'secular nation' may have diversities in so many aspects ,but when it comes up to cricket , Indians are so much coherent and we share the same spirits irrespective of caste and creed and age.Well 'sex' I am not sure!(Male vs female ratio of inclination to cricket is always questionable till date) :)The discussions everywhere would be about cricket and only cricket  from an ordinary 'chaiwala' to a witty engineer or a wealthy businessman .Discussions could range from a tiny tot advising the cricketer to bat/bowl /field to a senior person  analyzing  all  possibilities for the victory or calculating the reason for a failure. Maid -owner ;a worker- Hirer ; kids - parents all share the same shoes when it comes to cricket.Cricket  excuses for delays /early escape from office or for a  leave is  not  forbidden for an employer .Wives would have mixed emotions /conflicting feelings perfectly alike a commercial masala movie.Thanks to cricket for being a reason for the husbands  turning up home early and also credits to 'cricket' for being a cause for their frustration and also missing their favorite serials !Naturally the wives  would be frustrated when the husbands would pretend to be deaf and dumb glued to the TV sets and  inadvertently transforming them  insane .There could be nothing fascinating and engrossing as their favorite match .

  PS: Hope the Indian team coincides with the essence of this song ""De Ghuma Ke"  Watch this official world cup song for world cup 2011 composed by Shankar Ehsaan and Loy.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Short n sweet post:))))

   I just came across this news in yahoo about the 'longest kiss' contest being held in Pattaya .I was really spell bound!The longest kiss till date was for 32 hours 7 minutes 14 seconds  !My goodness!How on earth can they kiss for so long?They may really go breathless or even puke or  faint ;I  kept wondering ...I even read they have to constantly kiss even when they use restroom.They cannot even sit and space given to stand is one square metre ;they can eat /drink with straws whilst the lips remain  locked.Enough said more 

A new perspective.


           It all started years back in Rome ,when emperor Claudius was boasting and reigning  with  incongruent 'principles' stating that only single soldiers performed  better as compared to the married ones ,and so condemned the marriages of other couples. Defiant Valentine, a soldier under the emperor who opposed this and secretly wedded thousands of couples  was prisoned and sentenced to death.It was to commemorate him ,express gratitude and also patronize love ,that the Valentine's day is celebrated even today every year in the month of February.
            What started as a celebration for 'couples 'mainly ,later had a newer perspective too. Why should Valentines day only be restrained to' couples or lovers '?Love need not be implied in only a certain way and is unconditional and can have an unblemished form.I observed  that my son's school(a Kindergarten ) ,they  have a celebration on Valentine's day and the preparations precede 1 week before itself ,with mutual exchange of 'Valentine's or cards between the friends and classmates and teachers and also sending cards to relatives .The cards have subtle messages depicting their innocent love towards their friends ,parents  relatives and teachers who have filled their lives with so much love and life.These Valentines have their favorite cartoon characters ,some flower pictures or some teddy or soft toy/ Barbie  pictures for the girls.They are taught that Valentine's day is a day for 'love';to express love and gratitude to your dear ones either by your gifts ,cards or deeds.This day is dedicated exclusively to love and 'heart sign' only symbolizes that you love them from your heart sincerely.It's so nice to see these  kids giving cards to their parents ,grand parents ,relatives and friends .Love can be in a pure blissful form too .
            I really sympathize some activists protesting against the couples and people celebrating Valentine's day without giving them freedom of expression and thought.By this,I do not say that illegal ,indecent mannerisms should not be criticized ;but expressing a person's emotions is not to be restrained either.They criticize the western countries for being  influential and  inculcate nontraditional and 'culture less' customs in the Indians. Contrarily ,when I observed the customs and celebrations of 'Valentine's day 'here in the US, I realized that there was something 'good 'too about it !Every coin has 2 sides and both the sides needs to be explored ,without being judgmental about one side of it. Lets perceive this Valentine's day also with a new perspective rather than just creating a mere issue out of it!