Sunday, January 16, 2011

"The Kid just has it "


"The Kid just has it":The cover page of 'The Vanity Fair 'magazine had published this front page statement about the famous teenage pop sensation Justin Bieber some time back.Born in Canada at London,Ontario,on march 1st 1994 ,this Kid/teenager has been the most popular, youngest music star ever.As a kid ,Justin was a 'musical child 'and learnt guitar ,drums, piano along with vocals.He became famous through the "YouTube "videos which his mother had posted  and had over 1 million views then.He was spotted by Scooter/Scott Braun and was introduced to Usher and then was signed to Raymond Braun media group(RBMG) and Island records .He was then 13.
       He launched  debut single song"One time"in July 2009 which  was a hit and was in the American top chart busters.After this ,there was no looking back and success was just following .He had his other solo songs launched like"One less lonely girl","Love me"and later eventually launched his debut album  
"My World "which was a huge success.He also launched some other albums like "My world 2.0"and "My world acoustic", being his latest .His song"Baby " in 2010 Jan was the one which was the turning point of his career and was playing in all the top play lists and made even the young to old dance to his tunes.This young boy has already several awards to his credit including MTV music videos awards,Teen choice awards ,TRL awards,Young Hollywood  award.He has been nominated for the song 'Baby' for World music awards 'in 2010 ;'People's choice award 'for 2011 for his song "Baby"and also 2 Grammy award for"best new vocal pop album"and "Best new artist".He already has millions of fans worldwide and teenage girls crazy for him .Girls have "BIEBER FEVER":). His hairstyle is also appreciated and every teenager     claims   that he wants to be "Just like
Justin".His  song "Never say Never" has been an inspiration to all the young aspirers .He has written a book on his life at this  young age and also a 3D film produced by MTV Films "Never say Never" to be released in February 11 2011 ;which is a true life inspirational story on his own life.On his interview in the ABC channel ,the kid expresses his desire to be 'Prince'or the next 'Michael Jackson' and says that he is humbled by the number of fans he has and what God has given him.He gives credits to his Mother and YouTube and says that, he would not be what he was today ,if his mother had not posted his singing video in YouTube.When questioned "what would you do to make sure you are a star even at 26?";the boy answers saying"Keep myself grounded;and I give credits to God,my Mom ,Friends who help me stay grounded".The boy also mentions in another interview that ,the proceeds of the song "Pray"from his new album 'My worlds acoustic' would be dedicated to 'Children's miracle network' as charity to help all the needy children around the  globe .This young achiever is a Millionaire at bank deposits  and  also at  heart.I am a great fan of his ;what about you???

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