Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We all share the same spirits!!revisited

I know ,when I last wrote this post ,most of you didn't agree that cricket was going to somehow involve us into the maze .Truly speaking being at USA, I couldn't really watch most of the Indian matches and only saw the scores the next morning.(It starts at 2 am night and ends at 9 am ).Though staying miles apart form India which is buzzing with cricket updates and conversations ,I could sense the ongoings here owing to the news channel ,media and  you tube updates.We unknowingly tend to involve into the conversations ,poke our nose into the rumors about cricketers,start commenting about the cricketer's performance their flaws and expected  improvised performances.
         I felt a little offbeat and off track when most of my Indian friends used to talk about the 'cricket' strikes and hits of the last match and I was not aware of those scenes ,as I just watched the scores and highlights.It was only when I heard of the India Australia match ,which was supposed to be a 'DO or Die' match for India owing to it's entry to the semi finals that my spirits arouse again. In-spite of that,I couldn't manage to stay awake the entire night compromising my whole night's sleep ,but managed to wake up early and watch India's bating performance.Sachin's bating which met the expectations reasonably,Yuvi's bating which crossed all barriers and over met people's expectations leading us towards a victory ,all this was indeed a scintillating experience.After all ,India ended Aussies reign over the World cup Finals match after a long 11 years gap.In  11 years,this is the first time that Aussies are going back home without entering the finals!Now ,India even though has Hockey as it's national game, is crazy for cricket ,reason nobody knows!May be owing to the generations following cricket , 'Gilli Danda 'the traditional amateur street game popularized since ages ;the British memoir or  also the cricket world cup victory which the Indian team achieved under Kapil's captancy back in 1983. Whatever is the case ,we are all captivated by  this game and feel it as a matter of pride of the country.
      30 th march -is going to be one big day for the Indians ,with Pakistan confronting them for the Semi Finals and it's no less than a cold  war.We have Pakistan , expertized in Bowling and India in bating;raising the nervousness .I think this one day ,even the unenthusiastic cricket haters also would open up their ears or widen their eyes to at least hear scores or take a peek to the headlines or highlights.I know that in India it's almost a national holiday atmosphere ,owing to the 'cricket fever' being the sole reason for leave from offices.Some private offices have even declared a half day leave for the employees well being:)) Let's hope for the best and cheer for the Indian team .

Ps:By the time this post is read ,we will be aware of the winners:))