Saturday, March 12, 2011

Life is nothing more

    This is the translation of a funny Kannada song  from the movie Pancharangi which I watched recently and was inspired by it.  This song even though funny incorporates some subtle  facts of life and messages in it!!It intricately portrays different perspectives from the lyricist's point at  different situations/aspects in life with appropriate lyrics formatted and suited for  each situation. Watch the video and see the translation.You will have fun..:))

The Rap:
Gijibiji gijibiji ha ha ho..
Life is nothing more!
Kiri Kiri kayo kayo ko ko ko..
This the way of life!

Being born as a cute little child
Titled with Name and Fame
Just grow up this and that way haphazardly
Life is nothing more!

Procure unlimited high grades 
Pursue the course which  Dad insisits
Have a shower daily and go to Job hunt
Life is nothing more!

Yearn for  a job with lots of salary
Earn fussy children with  nose watery
Slurp the pumpkin dessert you made 
Life is nothing more!
Tan tana tan.....:)))

 Now the gal says

 Our crowd is filled with people naive
 This is the way they behave
Close your eyes and feel
This is the way of Life!

 The  Rap :

Gijibiji Gajibiji ho ho...
Kiri kaya kaya  ..kokoko...
Elders tunes being "Ah ah aa ee oh oh ooo.."
 Dad why do you tense and fear?
 Dye your hair for the grey hair
Take a walk for the Diabetes
Life is nothing more!
pow po pow pow pow..

  Mom when  you have the 'Rahu kalam'(inauspicious time)
 Surrender at  the God's feet and clench them
 Let God be fed up and pray to you himself
 Life  is nothing more !
 pow pow po pow...

    Husband and Wife slog together
   Build their house under heaves of  loans
  End up searching their grown up children ether thiter
  Life is nothing more!
 Meow me meow meow...

The gal advices

Do not flee  from the stage of life
For it's time for your role  now
once you swear the Makeup vow
 Life intended to be only this way

The rap:
:Ha gijibiji gijibiji po po po
 Elders bitterness Laba labbo...
Elder son younger son Be be beboo...
La ba labbo laba labboo...

Engage with your gal friend in a fight
Text message on cell phone day and night
Loaf around the canteen campus
Life is nothing more
Tan Tana tan tan..

What feature does Nokia have
What doesn't the airtel have
Learn more about this than the syllabus
Life is nothing more!
Tring tring ...

To get rid  of   parent's grumblings
Daily head  towards the college
Curse the teacher for the low scores
Life is nothing more!
Tan tana tan...

Teacher says :
   In the school named "Teen age" ,
Every day is a Sunday
Spread your wings and fly..
Life is this way only!

Lai la lai la ...

 Live life blindly only  on  'Vastu' horoscopes 
 Accordingly construct  the house nukes and spaces 
 Have your bedroom and sleep in the rest rooms
 Life is nothing more!
aha ha..ha...ha..

Learn about the secrets of past incarnation
Learn about future life predictions
Let the present life go to hell
Life is nothing more!

You guys are just witty
We guys are just fools 
Dont ever listen to this song anymore
Life is nothing more!

Gal says:
The biggest insane I have seen in my life is only you
Keep  your mouth shut  and sing the song
This is the way of Life!

Gijibiji  Gijibiji tara rum po..
Elders grumbling ayyayoppo..
Elder's life  ends with this..
Tara ra po tara ra po..

PS:The raps in between is just some slang terms used in Kannada for fun.

Monday, March 7, 2011

From soda to tooth paste !

         These days I feel guilty while sipping on my Cola drinks /carbonated drinks ,because some people claim that drinking a cola is equivalent to gulping down pesticides and toxins  directly.This is not my statement, but the ranting  statement given by the RSS(Rashtriya swayam seva samithi)organisation in India regarding the carbonated drinks and they claim that people should resort to more healthier drinks and also rant that they have  their own "health drink" named Gauloka peya or 'Gau Jal'/cow water . Don't be mis-leaded by the term cow water, for it is not water but a drink made of cow urine!Yes ,cow urine has some very good medicinal properties which has acclaimed to be a good health drink combined with some herbs .The RSS have even made some good flavors and have distilled and further processed it to remove the offensive smell and taste of the urine.So it doesn't even taste /smell urine!check it here .
         Ayurveda ,a well known medicine system originated from India but also practiced and adapted worldwide is the well renovated form of medicine.Susruta Samhita and Charaka Samhita are the two most resorted literature of traditional medicines even today ,even though transcribed thousands of years ago.A lot of ailments are treated with this well known form of medicine ranging from Diabetes ,Blood pressure ,skin disorders to Cancer.These Books also explains some surgeries and treatments which could be linked to the allopathic principles too.One such ancient medicinal therapy practised even today and also rejuvenating in a wider form is the traditional 'cow urine therapy'.The  ancient transcript excerpts from Susrutha samhita  and Ashtanga Sangraha have proven literature describing the benefits of cow's urine in treating a variety of disorders ranging from skin disorders ,Diabetes to Aids and Cancer.Cow's urine is said to have  many properties like Germicidal benefits  acting as a natural antibiotic ;provide micro nutrients and essential minerals to the body owing to the presence of many of the minerals in it.This also has been given credits to have  increased the immunity powers and body resistance,  also has anti cancer properties .US have obtained patents for the drug launched by the RSS for cancer . Here's the link .Cow urine is also said to have both 'medhya 'and 'hradhya' properties ,which translates as being an  aid for  both brain and heart stabilization.It balances the disorders created by both heart and brain .Also the Three 'doshas'/disorders in the body namely Vata (gas),Pitta(liver disorders)and kapha(respiratory) are neutralized or balanced. According to Ayurvedic principles ,'Mandagni'/low digestive fire in the body causes many of the diseases and so Cow's urine compensates for the low digestive ability.A lot of researches  have been conducted and are in process ,to  support these benefits and has been proved too.There is a lot of debate regarding this cow urine therapy and a lot of critics/scientists  are skeptical and question the reliability of a body waste for the health benefits.They feel that ' urine',which is the  result of processing of all body nutrients and is only an eliminated body waste, is meant only for getting rid off and not for any therapies.Also the Cow urine is said to be habitat  for a variety of microorganisms and consumption could also cause many disease like Respiratory infections ,Bovine Tuberculosis , Diarrhea and many other ailments. But the fact is that Cow urine benefits listed above can still be implied and consumed when it is distilled and is free of microorganisms.
     Scientific researches and Laboratory tests have been conducted on Cow urine and is proved to  contain a variety of chemicals like nitrogen, sulphur ,magnesium,silicon ,chlorine,vitamins A ,B C and E ,Lactose ,creatinine Uric acid etc.and all these chemicals have their own particular effects which would help balance the chemical imbalance in the body leading to many of the diseases and thereby owing to the cure of these diseases.Here's a list I found in many of the links I searched and have just copy pasted this for reference:

  1. Nitrogen (N2, NH2): Removes blood abnormalities and toxins, Natural stimulant of urinary track, activates kidneys and it is diuretic.
  2. Sulphur (S): Supports motion in large intestines. Cleanses blood.
  3. Ammonia (NH3): Stabilise bile, mucous and air of body. Stabilises blood formation.
  4. Copper (Cu): Controls built up of unwanted fats.
  5. Iron (Fe): Maintains balance and helps in production of red blood cells & haemoglobin. Stabilises working power.
  6. Urea CO(NH2)2: Affects urine formation and removal. Germicidal.
  7. Uric Acid (C5H4N4O3): Removes heart swelling or inflammation. It is diuretic therefore destroys toxins.
  8. Phosphate (P): Helps in removing stones from urinary track.
  9. Sodium (Na): Purifies blood. Antacid.
  10. Potassium (K): Cures hereditary rheumatism. Increases appetite. Removes muscular weakness and laziness.
  11. Manganese (Mn): Germicidal, stops growth of germs, protects against decay due to gangrene.
  12. Carbolic acid (HCOOH): Germicidal, stops growth of germs and decay due to gangrene.
  13. Calcium (Ca): Blood purifier, bone strengthener, germicidal.
  14. Salt (NaCl): Decreases acidic contents of blood, germicidal.
  15. Vitamins A, B, C, D, E: Vitamin B is active ingredient for energetic life and saves from nervousness and thirst, strengthens bones and reproductive ingredient for energetic life and saves from nervousness and thirst, strengthens bones and reproductive power.
  16. Other Minerals: Increase immunity.
  17. Lactose (C6H12O6): Gives satisfaction., strengths heart, removes thirst and nervousness.
  18. Enzymes: Make healthy digestive juices, increase immunity.
  19. Water (H2O): It is a life giver. Maintains fluidity of blood, maintains body temperature.
  20. Hipuric acid (CgNgNox): Removes toxins through urine.
  21. Creatinin (C4HgN2O2): Germicide.
  22. Aurum Hydroxide (AuOH): It is germicidal and increases immunity power. AuOH is highly antibiotic and anti-toxic.
    Hindus believe Cow to be holy/auspicious and  Cow's urine and Cow dung have been in use as a purifying/disinfecting  agent  or has been used in may of the rituals and ceremonies by the Hindus since ages.The cow dung is smeared in front of the house for cleansing the dirt and is considered auspicious.cow dung is also used as a cooking fuel for burning and it's use as a fertilizer is well known.But now,the cow dung  has also extended use for medicines .Cow dung is generally dried for a week ,cured at high temperatures and mixed with various herbs for producing medicines.'Panchagavya ',a preparation made out of 5 ingredients namely curds ,milk ,ghee ,cow' urine and cow dung is considered holy and is used in ceremonies  for internal purification and also as a medicine for the human body for many of the ailments.Yes, so Ayurveda suggests Cow urine and Cow Dung for internal usage!

          These benefits are yet comprehensible ,but unnecessary commercialization and  endorsements have always been critical in all the cases and so is true here in the case of cow urine /cow dung benefits .A sudden appearance of numerous companies producing distilled Cow urine; surge in prices ;drastic growth in various  product manufacturing ,marketing justifies this.Consumption of Cow urine for health benefits have been modified and has been  taken undue advantage so much that it has been claimed to have medicinal products in every single product we use day to day form a tooth paste to a cream!Imagine Cow dung in a cream !Isn't that something weird?A shampoo,a face cream ,a pain reliever oil ,children's tonic ,eye drops , mosquito coil ,a phenyl for cleaning ,tablets ,a alternative  for Viagra ,sexual well being ,etc etc..the list is enormous!They have added cow urine to every single product combined with the other Ayurveda medicines . Don't believe me? check here

PS:I am not intending to hurt sentiments of any religion or organisation here.The cow urine use for medicines have been proven already.My concern is only about the commercialization and  harassment of people in the name of medicine charging hundred's of rupees and dollars.

Some of the useful resources :

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8. This particular link ,I feel he is trying to just blindly criticize without sound proof of anything and is just being hypocritical.