Friday, September 17, 2010

can you name ?

I just felt like penning down a few words about these "X"and just thought of expressing them in the form of a riddle .Let me give a hint "it's not a living thing".

These are an integral part  of our existence.
They sometimes seem meaningless ;and at times filled with so much sense!
They are the  best buddies who stay with us throughout our life.
They are associated with almost all the circumstances in life.
They are there with you when you are depressed and also when you are overwhelmed.
Their presence is like a" boon" and we would be literally "insane"without them
They are always there and appear before you whenever you need them ,like a true companion.
So ..what are they ,can you name them?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Now Face book what?!

I remember those days in Internet a year back when i used to log on every day at least 2 to 3 times to" " keep checking the scraps and photos . Now almost a year later i stand here ..almost checking orkut once in a new moon, or not even that much and also least bothered to upload my photos there,or check scraps from my friends.Its such a human tendency to keep changing and demand for innovations.Now its the turn of"" !We all have this one week point of just going with the crowd and "trend", may it be for gud or for bad.Sometimes i really wonder the reason for logging on to  these social networking sites;especially this facebook which shows news and updates not only from your friends to you personally ,but from them to their other friends ,who are not at all personally linked with you!Yes.. ..i know you would say "that's how the social networking sites work.we like"socialising",knowing friends of friends ,etc etc.But in this busy practical world,when its really hard to maintain a handful of friends we know ,is there a point in expanding and just having them in your "friend list",when you really don't personally know them?Also one page loaded fully with so many links ,posts ,messages ,games ,internet sites ,photographs ,and what not!uff ,its like a "full meal at kamat's",pretty hard to digest..But its a nice way of interacting with friends you know ;also to rediscover your old lost school /childhood/college friends.Also i have found a nice way to publicise my blog, so i like it :).But sometimes ,i sit and wonder .."first orkut ,then facebook ,next what? what would be the latest innovation from another 'genius' to let the crowd catch up the trend?