Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Are you a' time table 'person??!

  It was a regular evening  and in between my household chores  , I glanced at the  clock form my kitchen and realised that I was running late to finish my  cooking for dinner.It was already 8 45 pm and I need to put my son to sleep  before 9 30 pm ,for he has to wake up the next day at 7am .Then I tried figuring out why I was late for cooking and realised that I had spent more time relaxing myself watching the evening serial and also  surfing at Internet.Then I rolled back and tried calculating the rest of my activities ,so that was a long list of teaching my son,taking him for a bicycle round ,his nap with my small nap too,his lunch ,school pick up ,afternoon lunch preps,cleaning up, etc etc.I see myself on the toe always and have an urge to complete a task and always be in a state of anxiety that I would be running late.
       I know it feels nice to be chilled out and relaxed and just keep it going without being bothered about anything.We always do not like to be bound by the time and do our day to day chores.We have certain things in our life which are restrained by time :ex our office time;our meeting time;our kid's school time .But what about other things?Do every single chore need to be time confined or restrained by time.Imagine even our nap or relaxation time is confined to specific time constraint.I see the clock and wake up horrified every time after my sleep ,as to what needs to be done next.Hope I had all the time on earth and  could do at least one activity peacefully without having any internal stress.So after all these tensions,I made it a point to make time table for myself to manage my time for each of my activities like "play time for my son','study time for him','my surfing time',my nap time',my cooking time'etc so that I get some relief.

Do you guys feel the same ?Do we need to keep up a certain time schedule and follow our day to day activities?Do we need to organise the entire day ,so that we don't run out of time ?