Friday, August 27, 2010


Oh agony, you rivet me like oil in water; so immensely, so inseparable.

Whilst I stand here tautened, akin a firm rooted tree that confronts the terrible typhoons.

I strived to be cheerful perpetually, but oh agony you’ envied ‘me and overruled me akin the grey clouds ruling the sun.

Whilst still I combat and portray myself to be a’ rainbow’ on the clouds and show my‘deceptive self’

But how much can I deceive; because the rainbow is meant to fade away and so will my facade.

Whilst still I live-in hopes like a drenched land, awaiting the sun, Hoping that every’ cloud has a silver lining’.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010



Hinduism is a dominant religion in India, and Hindus follow a variety of rituals and traditions. Moving to a new house ,may it be rented or own ,is associated with following certain rituals. When we buy a new house, traditionally a ‘gruha pravesh’is done with vastu pooja,vastu havan and a Ganesh pooja in most of south Indian families. There is a tradition of’ boiling the milk and letting it overflow and spill over’ and after offering to god, left over milk is shared among the family members.But have you ever wondered why do they follow this ritual?

Entering a new house signifies beginning of a’ new life’ and each one of us would expect a life free of obstacles, and filled with contentment. According to the Hindu belief, boiling of milk and letting the milk spill and overflow, would ensure that our lives are overfilled with abundance of wealth, health and happiness. Also distributing the left over milk signifies that the happiness and sorrows are distributed equally amongst the family members. It is also considered that it is a ‘sign of prosperity’ when the milk falls facing the east direction; because ‘east ‘is a very auspicious side according to the Indian vastu.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Most of us would want to be on time for everthying we do .But the fact is that its practically unfeasible to be disciplined .A very common practice by most of us is that we intentionally set the clock fast by' 10 min 'so that we are “ahead of time in our activities.We may think  it’s really' silly', 'wierd'! We are aware of the fact that the clock is set ahead, so will this really work out? Well, the answer is “yes” in some of the cases and also” no” in many. We usually get accustomed or conditioned to certain routines in our lives. One among them would be to repeatedly see a clock to do activities; may it be getting up from the bed, doing our regular work, getting ready to office/school/doctors’ appointment /meetings anything for that matter. So your brain is set to the clock for everything you do and you automatically rely on clock for everything. When in this circumstance, we tend to often overlook or forget the fact that the clock was set ahead, and we feel we have 'lesser time' and utilize the available time and move faster. But this isn’t always the case. All of us are very “geniousand sometimes do not forget what was needed to!We indigenously are aware of the fact and purposefully delay doing things and this is where we really mess up and end up in a disaster.

But this technique really works out when a person is not aware of the fact that the clock is set fast. You can try this out with your loved ones and figure out their vivid reactions! But I think trying the other way round (setting clock behind time) is really going to be a challenging experience!what say?