Friday, July 1, 2011

Bitter sweet exprience.

I know it's too early for another post ,coz I update usually not less than a week .But I had to share this experience with all of you.It was  just another day and I had 2 preoccupied appointments for the day,1st one being my son's July 4th USA independence day parade at the school at and the other was my interview at 10 .am .So since the parade was just for half an hour ,I and my husband had been there  and it was lovely with all the kids marching with colorful hats and flags all around the ground.After the parade,we were driving back towards my husband's office   and as we were engrossed in an active conversation as usual we simultaneously heard a loud beep from somewhere .We both looked into each other and suddenly in a speck of time ,I just realised what had happened and looked into my rear mirror to see the cop on the bike flashing lights on me with a speed tracker device on his hand.That was a terrible shock for me and it was the first time!I had to pull over and stop by and as I waited nervously for the cop,he comes  and greets me with a smile.He says"hello young lady ,do you know why did I stop you"?I innocently answered "No",for frankly,amidst my active bla bla with my hubby,I would not know what was happening around me!Well ,"do you know the speed limit here"?he questioned.I had not even noticed the speed limit there ,and I just made a wild guess and said 25 which turned out right!He said  I was way beyond that and was speeding at 37  I had my first ticket for violating the traffic law.I did say "sorry sir"and tried to convince ,but after all the formalities ,he walked up to me and sweetly said "You would be getting your notice with the due amount to be paid and the information about the 'defensive driving test 'which could clear your  ticket  and help you save the increased amount you would have to pay for the insurance company the following year".I liked the way the police man decently addressed me with respect and spoke to me in a very low and sober way.Well that was a sweet poison!My hubby sitting next to me said that I deserved it and now I would learn a lesson from the whole incident.Yes ,true,that's what even I felt .The reason I shared this was just to spot the difference between here and India where corruption rules everywhere and does not even forbid the traffic department.Imagining  the same scenario back in my home country,I would have tried buttering the cop and escaped or genuinely paid the fine,while some others would have nicely bribed the cop with half the amount of the speeding or even lesser .Certain rules and regulations imposed and  followed by both the people and the officials here, makes this country so unique People tend to obedient and donot want to violate them intentionally.If this sincerity and  promptness is followed by every other citizen or official back in India ,we could reduce half of the corruption in prevalence there.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wife is the best friend for life

Recently ,I happened to see a Movie which revolved around 2 close friends.The story as usual had 2 close friends and one lady love whom the guy is crazy for.but unfortunately ,lady love ditches him and he ends up n left behind with his close friend who already was secretly in love with him.So then a mediator(a common friend) tries to convince this guy and makes him realise that "A wife is the best friend for life"and that he was lucky to have his best friend as his life mate.
    Well ,the story was as usual boring being   on the same story lines ,but the message it gave me was really the one  to be pondered upon!!How many of the husbands really feel that their wives are their best Friends?We know that husband and wives especially in India during the past years and some even now,share a very unique relation ,with the husbands owning a sense of authority and responsibility over the wife and the wife being the very obliged or engrossed in the family responsibilities.There was less scope for mutual interactions and communications.Even with the changing times ,with wives being more career oriented  and busy with their own chores and duties,having less scope for sharing her thoughts or views with her husband.Or may be there was a sense of self created barrier which was hindering their ability too express themselves.We have so many good friends with whom we share almost every personal matter of ours or there are so many common things we share which make them so special to us.If I relate to my relation with my hubby dear,we may be east n west in a lot of things ,we may have different opinions about certain things,but there are  a few common likes and dislikes which we share and those small unique matters helps us going like bread and butter.We love cooking and eating delicacies over the weekend,we both are typical foodies and can hog on a lot of junk food,I suddenly have mood swings and feel like dining out and my hubby is ready for it!.We both love watching movies late night together and laugh out loud,(even though they may be the comedy movies which he prefers) we love exploring new places ,we hate people trying to show off and love modest people.we may not discuss everything n anything ,but we have long talks and discuss each others personal maters at office and home.I would not say that we are the best friends ,but we share an unique relation which has elements of love ,affection,friendship and care . With growing times even the bond gets stronger and even I feel that a wife could be a husband's best friend for life.