Friday, July 8, 2011

Elegance personified

Las Vegas known as the "sin city"with the exuberant number of sinful activities for the adults which includes gambling at the casinos,clubs ,gratifying indulgence in drinks ,sex and partying is not just limited to that and has a different perspective too.Vegas which was once an isolated desert with nothing around ,was coined a "city"only in 1911.The city was horded with a lot of tourists oriented towards the casinos and night life with the emergence of many resorts .The mega resort era started around 1989 with the first large resort "Mirage"and consequently many other like the Excalibur,MGM grand,Venetian ,Wynn,Bellagio ,encore and recently the cosmopolitan.There is no shortage for jobs  in Las Vegas with a lot of entertainment shows being held in each of the resorts and a lot of opportunities for the performers and talents which includes the gymnastics,acrobats and dancers.The casinos are always crowded with the waitress and the bargirls and club dancers.The streets are predominantly occupied with the"escorts "distributing the pamphlets and small ads for the porn girls and the sex workers.This city was the only city which was not impacted by the recession in the late 2000!
         Vegas is famous for it's night life and people say that"what you do in Lasvegas remains in Las Vegas";the meaning you can imply it whichever way:))There is a misconception associated with the vegas city that it is not meant for the kids or the family people .The sights during the night apart from the bikini girls and the sensuous waitresses, dancers and naked picture  hoardings ,includes the  extravagant decors and interiors in the resorts lit up with the sparkling lights.There are a lot of activities for the kids and family which includes the amusement parks inside the hotels,entertainment shows for age groups 6 to 60 (magic shows ,acrobatics,musical shows,fountain show at Bellagio,etc).Each hotel here has been planned and constructed with a specific theme and follows a pattern usually ,which suits the names of the hotel.For ex:The Venetian has exteriors and interiors based on Italy,The Excalibur based on Disney castle theme ,New york newyork based on the city of New york with the statue of Liberty and Brooklyn bridge,The Paris Paris based on Eiffel Tower,The Luxor based on Egyptian theme and Mgm Grand based on the tropical rain forest and the lion ,so on...The interiors in each of the hotel is stupendous with one surpassing the other.The casinos ,the lighting ,chandeliers ,the sculptures , paintings ,interior decor and every nuke and corner is emphasised for perfection with a astonishing element added to it.The main city just extends into 4 and half miles through the street called"strip" and that small portion with all the hotels and resorts  steals the show which no other city can offer you in it's elegance and luxury!It's amazing that once a desert and isolated small town has now turned into a hot tourist attraction.

I have some of the pictures here:

a crystal chanedelier 45 foot extending 3 floors

caeser's palace ceiling

(Venice theme)

Venetian(italian style painting)

Umbrella flower shaped lamps

Flower themed lamps hanging form the ceiling at Bellagio

Wynn hotel

Fremont street las vegas

Elegant sculptures in a hotel

Paris Paris

Excalibur (disney theme)