Sunday, October 24, 2010

Emotional Blend

    It's raining in the area where i live, since past 1 week and the the past 2 days have been really cloudy and rainy. Rain  always instills a peculiar zeal in me and so I thought of dedicating my post to it.Though rainy season lasting for long may be annoying for many of us," first rains" are always impressive .

            First drops always carry an array of feelings in us;right from the stage when the grey cloud starts forming ,till the touch of the droplets to the soil,to the ceasing  gloomy stage ;we are always carried away into "roller coaster ride of emotions".The aroma of the drenched soil soothing our senses,the sight of the blowing trees and swaying droplets soothing our eyes ,the harmonious melody of the down pour soothing our ears,they all  leave us mesmerised.We  may be in a "nostalgic world "filled with sweet /bitter memories form the past .For some it may be an expression of euphoria; hearts would be intrigued by  passion and romance.On the contrary ,it may also carry a sense of tranquility ,bore dome or indolence .With a sense of desolation within us ,we would be constantly gazing at the foggy sky.We would sleep for hours even if  we are not stressed;we would have an increased appetite to specific foods,even if the body doesn't demand.So strange and wonderful are these rainy days.