Friday, March 18, 2011

The Perigee

The Perigee ,the biggest in almost 20 years is at the door step .We are just 24 hours away from this event here (march 19th).My scientific side of the mind is urging me to believe that there is nothing to worry about ;but the traditional , superstitious mind of mine overshadows the scientific side.Well ,always nobody wants to take a chance about their health and lives you see!While some astrologers predict the worst natural disasters and natural calamities ,health disorders affecting the human and warning the people to stay at homes;the NASA astronomers are obstinate about the 'just a natural phenomenon'and 'nothing to worry'attitude.The astrologers even correlate the recent Tsunami event in Japan to the movement of the moon closer to the earth .
    The NASA researchers  believe that the Super Moon/perigee as they call it, which occurs as rarely as once in 13 years, need not necessarily be associated with natural calamities or other disorders.The super moon event in 1983 and almost close event in 2008 ,went without notice or any significant calamities.They claim that the moon being closest to the earth on this particular day may create some mild tides on the sea due to the gravitational effect on the earth,but may not necessarily trigger Tsunamis or tides or storms.The moon is still at a distance of 350,00miles away form the earth ,even if closest and that was a safe distance!They feel that the people should get out of their houses and experience the effect and be delighted with the naturally large full moon appearing so close to the earth.The scientists call it 'super moon 'because it is at least 14%larger than it is naturally and appear enormous and gives us an illusion of being a part of earth or arising for the summits of earth.The sight of the super moon across the bay during a sunset in the evening  would be elegant and a spectacular sight.It would give the sight of the 'Kiss of the moon to the earth'.So ,as the jumbling persists without bonds  in my mind ,I sign of hoping 'All is Well 'tomorrow.

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