Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Mownam sarvatra sadhanam"

"Mownam sarvatra sadhanam":This is a famous sanskrit language  saying popular even now.I know few of my friends may think"look who is saying what"Lol..But philosophies can be narrated and sometimes after lots of efforts ,can be followed too.So it's  'self reflection' and  self realization here!.Any ways ,this saying elaborates as"Silence  conquers everywhere".We have heard a lot of other quotes  related to this;for instance, 'Silence can speak a thousand words';'words are like silver ;whilst silence is golden'and so on..But do you guys really feel this 'funda 'really works?
         Several situations in life demand us to 'vomit out our words' and we may usually end up in mere' shit ' the same.Our elders would have preached  us their golden line  "Do not get into an argument ,since that comes with a package of  a chain of  other complexities and difficulties".Sometimes ,we feel this really works!We actually need not speak up to express our disagreement /dislike towards any views/issues.There need not be a 'battle field 'scenario to resolve a simple issue.Silence can speak a lot and express even the unexpressed,and  the opposite person would be able to comprehend what you meant.Imagine a situation with an intense argument between two people and we do not agree with the situation and  respond in an stringent manner and the situation is more like an act of vengeance; the end result would be a disturbed mood or ambiance created there.Usually , the words may create more nuisance than solving an issue,either by hurting a person's sentiments or hurting your own sentiments .Well,makes us repent and  realize the worthiness of the  quote"spoken words and broken glass are both un-repairable'!
                Also , there is an another proverb  contrary to the above saying, which  says:"mownam sammati lakshanam",which means "silence indicates consent": when a person is silent , it indirectly signifies that the person is contended or agreed to the decision. So this seems a very sensitive issue and needs to be balanced according to the situation.Friends ,what do you feel ?Is silence really' golden 'always?Will this principle work out in today's age and generation?