Friday, August 27, 2010


Oh agony, you rivet me like oil in water; so immensely, so inseparable.

Whilst I stand here tautened, akin a firm rooted tree that confronts the terrible typhoons.

I strived to be cheerful perpetually, but oh agony you’ envied ‘me and overruled me akin the grey clouds ruling the sun.

Whilst still I combat and portray myself to be a’ rainbow’ on the clouds and show my‘deceptive self’

But how much can I deceive; because the rainbow is meant to fade away and so will my facade.

Whilst still I live-in hopes like a drenched land, awaiting the sun, Hoping that every’ cloud has a silver lining’.


anupama said...

a heartfelt poetry. keep going raji....i would like to say that Happiness is WITHIN and not OUTSIDE... but i don't know how well it will suit the situations u are in.

raji said...

hm...u know it well!but this describes me presently..very well..

A said...

Rainbow can fade aways but don't let your spirit to blog because we love to read you.

raji said...

thanks "A' .surely..