Tuesday, August 31, 2010


mystery spot

The name " mystery spot" attracted my attention and i wanted to go and explore this place. As usual my husband did not seem very much interseted to explore this place and said it could be some simple scientific reasoning assosciated and no "mystery".But i din't want to give up ;and so did we continue. This place located in state of california at santa cruz ,is located at an isolated location amidst the dense forest.
closer view
           The path to the spot was curvaceous,allowing only one vehicle to pass each side and was scary, since vehicles where passing almost merging into each other on opposite sides. On reaching the location ,it seemed as if it was a 'small  haunted house' on top of a hill with some mystery associated.With all vivid speculations ,we went uphill headed towards the house guided by a tour guide.As we reached the house ,the guide started explaining us that there was some "mystery"associated with this house and no scientists could solve this unexplained riddle.There were some strange speculations like some extraterrestrials burried some unearthly metals causing this effect, some magnetic effect,or loss of gravity at this particular site ; some supernatural powers, ghostly acts ;etc.So ultimately this place was termed "MYSTERY SPOT"due to these unexplainable  speculations.
I appear to lean forward ...
                 The guide placed a level plank on the window panel of the house,standing outside, and the plank was tilting downwards inside the house; and he placed a ball over it and rolled it .The ball moved uphill and rolled down to his hand,unlike what was expected.Then he made a few people with different hieghts stand on a level plank in front of the house ,and demonstrated that even a short person appeared taller than the tall person on the other end of the plank,and tall person appeared short on the other end.Then we moved inside the house and i noticed that we couldnt stand staright inside and we felt as if we were losing our equillibriumand were going to fall ;we were literally slipping.All people around appeared' slanted'There was a table placed inside the house and  when a person stood upon that,the other person felt as if he was leaning forward.There was a small wooden stand fixed to the wall and if a person stood over that, he appeared to lean forward from the wall ,without falling.It appeard as if there was "no Newton's gravitational law' So everything appeared starnge and wierd.
The house constructed at a tilted angle
                Then we  decided to observe carefully and what we felt was that, the house was on a hill which was slanted towards one direction;and the house was definetely built with a specific tilt in the opposite direction of the hill.So whatever within the house would appear in a different angulation than horizontal That's what was what atleast we concluded .Then ,i came back home and read a lot of articles related to this online ,and every article cracked the 'mystery '.explaining the reason to be an "antigravitational effect" house construction( constructed at a 25 degree tilt);'optical illusion",etc.Then i had a hearty laugh thinking of the guide reasoning the mystery spot ; poor guy he was obliged to his duty and was not supposed to reveal his secret.But whatsoever ,it was fun exploring the "mystery spot"and had lot of fun doing a'balancing' dance within.It seemed as if all of them inside were out of their wits and were imbalanced.!


krizna said...

whats the logic behind highlighting some words or phrases in the article?! :)

raji said...

So that you read it easily.. this is for fast readers...:)

A said...

I never been there but been to similar place. Your conclusion is right. Highlighted words did get my attention but I usually read the whole thing.