Saturday, December 4, 2010

Most memorable memory and treasurable asset!!

Memories are always an eternal part of one and all and we are incomplete without these memoirs.These memories keep us going and brings back smiles /tears on our faces .Memories right from our baby days ,childhood days ,school days ,college days and till date.Some of the sweet and bitter  memories that we cherish:
" First day at school"
"First performance on stage at school"
"First prize you won"
First appreciation from your parents
First day at college
First love
The  marriage day moments.
The mixed reactions we had on the day we had our child :a little tears and lot of smiles!
"The First scolding ,beating from your parents"
First humiliation/embarrassment you faced.
The day when you got severely wounded /hurt.
"Your First failure "which made you cry.
The day you lost someone very close to you.
The day you departed from someone very close to you.
These are just a few and the list can go on and on.
     Though I have a lot of memoirs in my list; I can relate mostly to that moment when my Dad consoled me and was assertive about me and praised me and said that he was happy about me ,to a relative of ours.  This  relative had in fact criticised me for scoring less in my 12 th grade and said I could not achieve anything with those scores as it was very crucial those days to score a 90%and above to get inti a professional course.
     Another important event which I would cherish forever is the day when my child,who was just 9 months old had a health problem and I couldn't understand what it was and was helpless and held him in my arms and rushed to the hospital with a common friend of ours .So  that moment could be  "the most memorable memory".
     And also to add on we also have certain assets which we are very possessive about, and would treasure it with us life long.Like for instance ,I treasure my Dad's first gift which was an simple steel  titan watch , I received when I was in 8th grade ,and treasure  it even now; in spite of having so many other watches after that.So friends, I thought of keeping this as an open platform for recalling and sharing your thoughts about your "most memorable memory"and your "treasurable asset"if you have one.Go ahead and feel free to put forth your views.


Anonymous said...

I'll use one of your sentences to remember a funny fact:

" First day at school "

I never went to kindergarten so my first day was with eighty years.
And I was much much much much afraid to go to school. I had cried the whole week with fear. I did not know why, I just did not want to stay in that huge place with strange people and evil teachers. I remember I spent all day with stomach pain. Crazy!!!

But after a few months I started to enjoy so much the school, I did not want to leave anymore.
I wanted to sleep there somedays! Very very crazy!!! :D

umashree said...

I always remember a funny incident happened in my childhood. Veena who is my cusin as well as my best friend . As she is 1year elder than me she is my guider too.We use to querel and even go for fighting many a time.
I think i was 3year old when this incident happened. As i told earlier my cusin is my guider and we saw red chilli in our guarden.We loved that red green coloured chilli and we took that and put into our pocket and took one chilli and put into the mouth, suddenly we both started crying and ran away from gurden to home bcause of the spicyness of that chilli named 'Gandhari'which is in our mouth.That chilli was so spicy that our eyes is full of tear. My mom and aunt started scolding us.One side the spicy of the chilli another side the spicy scoldings.that was horrible.

I cannot forget this funny and a horrible incident till the end of my life. And even i can't forget my guider, afterall this memorable memory was our joint venture,how could i forget her?.

raji said...

@david,I know ,first school days are always associated with tantrums and excuses.stomach pain was a nice excuse.

raji said...

@ uma,that was funny yaar. I can imagine your plight after eating "gandhari" chilli!and I can also imagine saroja aunty scolding u..hehe

rama said...

I cherish the memory when I first met my husband, and can't help thanking God for giving such a wonderful husband.
Then I have fond memories of my father always taking with him in the evenings and buying me ice cream , when i was just 3/ 4 years old.
The have good memories of the birth of my children, first 1st brush with Aerobics.
I have mixed memories of my Stroke, first being totally shocked , and finally amazed as how i could overcome it and start being my old self.
Memories are so many, and I am glad I have lots of good memories only.
Take care and get well fast. Good post to share with us.

Bikramjit said...

I have had some very beautiful moment a lot of firsts first day at sdchool, college and uni
There are so many memories i have , I guess i have been lucky God has been kind to me ..

I remmeber the first time i kumped out of a plane..
first time i touched dolphins
first time i did parasailing
first time i flew a plane

so many first

I read about ur Child I hope all is fine now and GOD BLESS the little one

I must say i did not realise the good timew with dad but once he left us i thought an remembered so many of those times...

thanks for sharing...

A said...


It does not sound right but I don't remember a single first day...I don't remember first day at school, college or that matter pretty much everything you mentioned. Do not remember failures or successes either...

It is not my memory is bad because I still remember pretty much everything since 8th grade..

Sometimes I think there is something wrong in me....

raji said...

@bikram ,thanks for sharing..nice ones.the parasailing ,flying a plane sounds exciting..

raji said...

@A pretty much normal ,well even I donot remember my first day at school becuase it was nothing much,or nothing special as such i think:)I just mentioned all "firsts "beacause most of us would have some specific first time memories which would be remembered.But what I wanted you to share was any one most memorable moment in your life.

Rachna said...

Ah, so many special memories I cherish. The most important was the birth of my two sons, the first time I met my husband, the day of my marriage, and there are so many other vivid ones I have of my childhood... Nostalgia takes over :).

chitra said...

Memories always take you on a path where you are in your own world and it sometimes brings a smile to the lips or tears from the eyes.
The most valuable memory is about the birth of my son.

raji said...

@rachna ,nice to know about take over of nostalgia .I know that most of us ladies relate our valuable memory to the birth of our children.

@chitra true.. birth of our child is something which we cherish for ever ,we can never forget that moment in our lives.

sm said...

first day at school
last day at the collage

R. Ramesh said...

memories..hmmm.past is always beautiful as v have already crossed them...

dr.antony said...

Hi Raji
I had written a blog also sometime back about how early one can remember.

The fondest memories are the earliest ones!

raji said...

@dr anthony ,ur welcome sir..and i read ur blog "do you remember"that was nice and very elaborately narrates your earliest memories ,so i found the answer to my question on this post there.thank u.

Anonymous said...

I dont remember first day at school, nor the first gift...

I remember my first love and the first night after

Nothing happened we both slept nicely...

Even today I tease my partner about it...

Onkar said...

I remember my first speech in English when before one thousand people, I suddenly stopped in the middle of a sentence.