Wednesday, August 18, 2010


"Why me" - a spontaneous evolving reaction by a man in vivid situations.i will  portray some of the situations here:
you confront  the toughest of the situations in your life ; go through continuous agony and depression ,you ask " why me".

you have  misfortunes ; a series of failure and don't achieve what was desired for,you ask "why me?"

you want to skip your turn in an assigned deed and you have your turn, then u naturally ask" why  me?"

you want the things going right  and you end up messing them, then you ask "why only me"?

 you have things set in the  right direction  and are flawless and  still are blamed  and targeted,then you obviously ask "why the hell only me ?"

one day you have your fortune's call ,and you are elated  ,then also u ask "why on earth was it  me"!


anupama said...

wow! too good raji.. loved it...whatever the form. prose or poetry.. the thoughts and the flow is good.

Vysh said...

Yep .. Most f THE TYMS... V ask " Y ME ? "
Gud one !