Wednesday, August 18, 2010

why does my child throw things?


A child's mind is a complex  riddle and is extremely difficult to solve. Child has a wide array of behavior patterns at each phase of its life and as parents its challenging to mold them. Every parent would have experienced one or the other behavioral abnormalities; one among them would be throwing stuffs around. A child grows through different physical, intellectual, social and emotional developmental stages , during its growth.

In the toddler stage (2 to 3years) child is its own boss and is in the terrible tantrum” phase. A child’s intellectual ability is just budding, it is just learning to speak in full sentences and in turn child may not be able to express his /her needs to the adequate level and in turn may express discomfort/needs by showing this type of behavior. In this phase child may the throw a lot of temper tantrums and this method of throwing things may be a way to show their anger/ frustration when they do not acquire what they needed or are dissatisfied. It seems like they get some sort of gratification by doing this act. They may be lacking the   attention what they are craving for. So by doing this, it is likely that they   attract the attention of their parents who may be engaged with their activities. Also, a child at this stage explores and acquires a lot of things and habits. So the child has fun by throwing everything what comes on its way –may it be a soft ball, a toy or a utensil, crockery or glass object. So as parents we need to guide them and help them distinguish the difference between a play object and a valuable /dangerous object.

Even as the child grows up and reaches the preschool stage, they may be persistent with this behavior. This may be a consequence to the parents  over pampering. Without even realizing the fact, we may be ignoring our child’s flaws  and not guide them to the right track. A little bit of authority over your child’s behavior is acceptable; we need to incorporate some discipline in the child. Striking a balance between love and discipline is desired; do not let your love and empathy rule over your child’s behavior. They acquire a lot of intellectual capability by this age. So training them is important and making them realize about their bad mannerisms is necessary.

Some kids may have this problem of throwing things along with lot of other behavioral abnormalities and may even continue this into their school age. If the kids are too impulsive, restless and  aggressive and do not have a control over their actions, is not following your talk or grasping or responding to your commands, then it may be due to an associated developmental /medical condition –it could be ADHD OR ADD; AUTISM, ASPERGER’S SYNDROME; HEARING IMPAIREDNESS OR SOME OTHER SORT OF DEVELOPEMENTAL DELAYS, and your child may need assistance of a developmental and behavioral specialist or a pediatric psychiatrist.

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