Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Raghu Dixit -Folk rockstar

   A  loose gown ,a striking color contrasting  wrap around cloth at the bottom mimicking the 'dhoti /lungi ' and a long beaded chain ;a guitar slung around  the shoulder ,anklets clad on the feet -this is how the singer/'Folk rocker' ,Raghu Dixit makes an appearance in his singing concerts and shows portraying his contemporary traditional look .This singer originally hailing from Mysore ,Karnataka is a composer ,lyricist ,music director  and also owns a band of his own named 'Antaragni'/eternal fire ' with his own set of musicians.
         His crystal clear loud voice quality and the high pitching notes can engross anyone with him and make them rock to his tunes.He sings in various languages like Kannada Hindi and English and  even blends all 3 in one song occasionally and  are based on Latin,Sufi ,Reggae and blue styles with the base being folk ,thus impressing youngsters to aged.His compositions are unique in their own way with influence from traditional ,ancient Kannada folk music as well as moral poems composed by Santa Sisunala sharif and imbibe a lot of morality ,messages and emotions .His music is a splendid blend of Ethnic /folk  and contemporary music styles form various parts of the world .Even the instruments used by his percussionists are blend of both modern and classic styles with guitar ,tabla  ,violin and drums..
        His career though started as a music director and singer in a few Kannada films ,later flourished with a Debut self titled album 'Raghu Dixit' launched in National level by muscians Vishal and Shekar.The song 'Gudgudiya sedi nodu' and 'Amber se' and 'Hey Bhagwan 'became very popular .He has impressed not only the Indians by his singing versatility through various compositions and concerts ,but also created waves internationally .He has travelled across the world for various concerts in Austarlia , Dubai ,UK and at Kennedy center in Washington and other places  in the US. Hope for the best future ahead for this amazing talented singer who is promoting the ethnicity and Indian culture with his Rock contemporary style.Meanwhile ,I suggest you to rock to the tunes of his songs.

Ps :Here are the few links for his hit songs form the album.

1.No man will ever love the way like I do

2 '.Gud gudiya sedi nodu'  -smoke th hookah!

3.I am in Mumbai waiting for a miracle:


More detailson Raghu Dixit on his website:


I thought of adding a little info on him for those who are unaware.Santa sisunala was a saint who hailed from the small town of 'sisunala' in Haveri district of Karnataka ,India.Like the famous Kabir Das in northern India ,he used to compose his own moral poems and recite and sing to the poeple back in the 1830 times.He was a well educated guy and was a disciple of a Brahmin named Govinda Bhatta .The strange part was that even though a muslim,he used to believe in hinduism and wrotepoems in Kannada language .His poems had a lot of practical facts and dealt with human emotions and preached about the human instinct and moral values .His moral poems were named as 'Tatvapada'.


Shobha said...

Thanks for sharing the info about Raghu Dixit.

anupama said...

hey nice write up!!

Abhilash Pillai said...

he is perfectly ready for a journey to temple river for a bath... perfect musician indeed :)

sm said...

folk rockstar
nice one

NRIGirl said...

Nice to know of him.

rama said...

Never heard of him, but it was nice to know about a talented singer from your blog. Would definitely take a look through the links provided by you.
Thanks for sharing.

....Petty Witter said...

I was so excited when I saw the word lungi, a friend brought us several back from a trip to Bangladesh, surprising how versatile they are, warm in winter and yet cool in summer. Anyway, thanks for those links, I'm away to check them out. Have a good week-end.

chitra said...

Raji, I am hearing about Raghu Dixit for the first time. Nice to see him with ghungru on his legs. Mustber doing lot dance movements to.

I like the info. about santa Sisunala.

raji said...

@Shoba,sm and anupama thanks .
@Abhilash yes ..he is ready for a temple bath:)
@petty ,oh !so you did try the lungi ,cool:))
@chitra and Rama ,feel pleasured to introduce this singer to u guys.

Rachna said...

I had vaguely heard of him but did not know of all the info that you shared. Good job.