Monday, September 27, 2010

Reality shows no more a reality ,but still love watching them why...?

I remember those days when we all were waiting for the Friday evening to watch our favorite Antakshari hosted by Annu kappor on Zee television or Saregama by Sonu nigam .Those days were dominated by only such entertainement shows.
                And then came an era loaded with so many entertainment shows ;initially occcupied with singing shows ,which was later modified as "reality singing shows"with audience interactions and voting; continued by  shows like "Kaun banega crorepati "were even a megastar like Amitabh Bacchan came into scene and later replaced  by every every possible superstar in Bollywood.It was so fascinating to watch these favorite superstars on Television screen.But this was also a diminishing facade.Every channel had to survive the war for the fittest in the" reality world"and prove their hierarchy!.They strived hard ;tried imitating and mimicking so many foreign channel shows and succeeded also .We had "Big boss",Indian version of "Bigbrother";we had Indian idol" ,again Indian version of "American idol" ;we had "Khatron ka khilady hosted by Akshay kumar , inspired by  some other famous shows...the list goes on .
        Now it is a rage of all possible singing and dancing reality shows with "3 idiots",i mean 3 celebrity judges usually(no hard feelings for anyone them all)with their profound advices for the contestant. Ironically,it seems like the whole world is filled with singers and dancers alone.Every single channel has a singing /dancing show hosted!And each show have film stars every week publicising and promoting their movies and giving their valued opinions .At times ,even the channel promotes its next upcoming serials /shows on this particular reality show.Most of the times you can see all these judges with weird facial expressions for their favorite singers and strange actions .You can see them dancing ,singing ,fighting with the contestant's parents ,getting into arguments with each other,and what not! We have very humorous scenes, love proposals,emotional dramas,goofed up family sentimental stories from the judge's and contestant's side.Its a" full pack masala movie",.directed by an intelligent director.We know that it's all a facade ,but still enjoy watching them .why ?


SG said...

We don’t know Hindi. The only Indian channel we have is Sun TV. Not much reality show there. But we watch lot of American reality shows. Some of them like American Idol are excellent. Why do people watch reality shows? Because by watching these tv shows, we get to see special and unusual activity given by the participants.

raji said...

@sg .hey sun tv is also no less in the world of reality shows i feel ;i remember switching across channels and watching a few dance shows even though i dont follow them:)But as you said it is always fun to watch these shows no matter what.the only sad story is that it is termed "reality",when everything here is not reality!